Like a Boomerang, Citra Kirana is even blasphemed without being heartless, an old video leaks from Rezky Aditya’s wife’s behavior in the spotlight: Really cruel!

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Behind the praise for the attitude of Citra Kirana who is strong and steadfast in accepting her household exams with Rezky Aditya because of the polemic regarding the recognition of children out of wedlock with Wenny Ariani. Now it has turned into a boomerang for Citra Kirana until it is attacked by blasphemy.

The reason is that an old video circulating of Citra Kirana seems to show that he knew from the start that Rezky Aditya did have children out of wedlock.

However, when Wenny Ariani managed to get a decision from the Banten High Court which said Rezky Aditya was the biological father of his daughter. The woman who is familiarly called Ciki and her husband chose to remain silent.

This seems to show that Ciki doesn’t care about the fate of Wenny Ariani’s daughter, who never gets recognition. This evidence is reinforced by the video of Ciki and Rezky discussing the experience of the birth of their first child.

In the video, Raffi Ahmad seems to ask about Rezky’s feelings and impressions of becoming a father after his son was born into the world.

“How does it feel to want to be a father? Your gentlemen,” asked Raffi Ahmad in the old Okay Bos show which was re-uploaded to Instagram @lambegosiip quoted on Sunday (5/6/2022).

Rezky then admitted that he was happy with the role of the father he would assume.

“Happy, excited, that’s the first experience,” said Rezky Aditya.

“Yes, that’s the first experience,” said Citra Kirana.

However, Raffi suddenly responded to Ciki’s words with something unexpected and showed a strange behavior.

“Where did you become a father before?” said Raffi Ahmad.

Instantly Ciki’s facial expression immediately changed and seemed to give a code to her husband to be careful with his words.

Suddenly the upload that was shared to the gossip account reaped various reactions. Not a few suspect Ciki’s strange behavior when he offends Aditya Rezky as a father.

“Ciki panicked, she looked like she was smiling but still couldn’t lie,” said netizens.

“Looks like the way he talks is the person who is lying,” said a netizen.

“Hahaha first experience, no shame,” said the netizen.

“Salfok with Ciki’s hands coded his husband so he wouldn’t slip up,” said netizens.

“Ciki the evil one, if you already know but keep quiet, even though she is still a girl, she should know what to do,” added the netizen

“Originally, ciki is cruel when you know, but just shut up,” concluded the netizen.

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