Before he died, the original Bima in the KKN film, Desa Dancer, had time to do this to his mother

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“During the meeting with SimpleMan at MD, he immediately said that this is a true story, 80 percent of which I wrote as it was. 20 percent of me was a fox to cover places, people’s names, campus names, so that’s it, I’m not asking that,” said Awi.

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After Awi Suryadi opened google maps with SimpleMan, he went straight to City A.

“I went there to see, so I never doubted it,” said Awi Suryadi.

As is known, the KKN film in Penari Village directed by Awi Suryadi has been named the best-selling horror film of all time and currently has around 8 million viewers.

Awi Suryadi said that in making the KKN film in Penari Village, he didn’t want to change anything from the SimpleMan thread.

“We have decided from the start to make the script according to the SimpleMan thread,” he said.

In addition, Awi Suryadi also explained about the characters in the KKN film in Dancer Village, starting from Bima who initially liked Widya.

“From the beginning of the film to the end of the film, there must be character art, so if in a thread for example the character of Bima he doesn’t show any changes in himself. He wants to let Widya go, that’s it. If in the film we have to make it, Bima must repent,” explained Awi Suryadi.

“Bima must feel that she was wrong, she finally told Nur that she was willing to bear all this guilt,” he added.

That’s what Awi changed from the SimpleMan twitter thread, which made the KKN story in Dancing Village come alive.***

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