The Beauty of the Aare River: 6 Exotic Facts About the Longest River in Bern City

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Aare River Switzerland

Emeril or who is called Kang Eril was dragged by the current while swimming in the river. At that time, Ridwan Kamil’s family was in Switzerland looking for a post-graduate position for Eril. Unfortunately, at the time of the incident, Ridwan Kamil was still in England to attend government activities with the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov).

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Locals who live in the Bern zone, often spend time swimming and relaxing enjoying the natural scenery on this river, especially when it comes to summer. Hearing this story will definitely make you curious about the Aare River! Come on, follow the facts of one of the longest rivers in Switzerland, here!

Are River Facts

So as not to be curious anymore, here are the facts that happened to the Aare River which became the location of the disappearance of Kang Ridwan Kamil’s first child, slang friend.

1. The Longest River in Switzerland

Aare River Switzerland
Image: myswitzerland. com

The Aare River or often called the Aar River is the longest river located in the center of Bern, Switzerland. This river is so long that it stretches on 3 sides of the city at once.

The Aare River flows from Canton, Bern to the Rhine near the city of Waldshut, Germany. It is estimated that this river has a length of approximately 288 km.

No wonder the Aare River which has a very turquoise water color is one of the longest rivers in Switzerland.

2. Admission to UNESCO

Aare River Switzerland
Image: myswitzerland. com

Quoting from Bern, the Aare River has been listed in UNESCO since 2017. Because, this position is listed in the cultural heritage and is considered the Old City in Switzerland.

The inclusion of this river into UNESCO is a sign that Swiss cultural diversity has continued to grow since 2012.

The position of the Aare River can be said to have a natural nuance but it is located in the middle of the city. Generally, local people often come to this river to walk along the beautiful river flow.

3. Location of the Zibeleschwümme . Celebration

Aare River Switzerland
Image: myswitzerland. com

Since 1986 the Swiss Lifesaving Society or SLRG has held Zibeleschwümme or what is known as the “Onion Swimming” without using onions, but this tradition is a tradition of swimming wearing colorful clothes.

Traditional activities are tried on the fourth weekend in November, friends, not long after doing the Zibelemärit tradition.

Approximately 100 swimmers will explore the Zibeleschwümme tradition with water temperatures reaching 6 degrees Celsius. This tradition is indeed tried during the cold season, you know, slang friends! This swim route starts at Schönausteg and covers a total distance of 350 m.

4. Rafting World Record

Aare River Switzerland
Image: myswitzerland. com

The Aare River had become a world record in the field of rafting which was held in the city of Bern in 2012. The total participants were approximately 1,268 people who simultaneously sailed this river with various rubber boats.

The route taken starts from Kiesen to Eichholz, because of this, the Aare River is often a tourist spot for anyone who visits.

5. Where Animals Swim

Aare River Switzerland
Image: bern. com

The color of this river is not only a place to swim for humans, you know! Moreover, during the hot season in Europe which is often called Hundstage or Dog Day, the city of Bern can be very hot.

When the weather is hot, people often look for the Aare River to relieve the body. This is the same as dogs and other 4-legged animals. Because the water in this river is thought to be very refreshing, slang.

It’s not often that animal owners invite dogs or other pets to swim with life jackets, even surfboards.

6. Often used as a place to swim

Aare River Switzerland
Image: bern. com

As described above, the Aare River is a popular river for local people. Especially during the hot season, this river becomes crowded with tourists because they want to relieve the body.

However, quoting from the official website of Bern, although this river is often used as a place for swimming, every swimmer must comply with the regulations imposed for safety. Some of the regulations, among others, are that this river is only applied to experienced swimmers who may go to open water (rivers and lakes).


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