Teddy Keukeuh Kosan 32 Doors in Bandung Doesn’t Belong to Rizky Febian

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In a statement, Wati Trisnawati as Teddy Pardiyana’s lawyer explained that the boarding houses currently in the hands of Rizky Febian are purely the property of his client. He also said he had some evidence.

The evidence referred to includes sale and purchase receipts, sale and purchase agreements, BPHTB payments, and certificates. All of that is now in the hands of Teddy Pardiyana.

The 32-door boarding house is a legacy from Lina Jubaedah, Rizky Febian’s mother and Teddy Pardiyana’s wife. In the past year, the conflict between Teddy and Rizky Febian has not been resolved regarding the inheritance and assets of the late Lina.

On the other hand, Lina Jubaedah’s lawyer, Abdurrahman T Pratomo, also gave his statement. In his explanation to detik.com, Lina Jubaedah’s will and inheritance was left for her children from Lina’s marriage to Sule. At that time, Abdurrahman T Pratomo said that Lina Jubaedah’s list of receivables and assets was given to her children from Sule.

“Don’t let the others don’t know, it’s not Lina’s debt, where did it come from. What’s available is Lina’s debt. Not debt, but receivables,” said Abdurrahman.

“In detail, the land in Banjaran is 2 hectares, then 32 units of boarding houses at Telkom University, then the land in Ciamis, then the house in Villa Bandung Indah, then the land in Cilengkrang, Bandung Regency. Then two land locations in Parongpong , then the house in Pengawangan, then the shophouse used by the salon in Pengawangan. All of the assets have been handed over,” he explained.

The details of the assets were written by Lina Jubaedah before she died. Everything, according to Abdurrahman T Pratomo, had been handed over to Putri Delina, who represented Teddy Pardiyana and several witnesses.

Rizky Febian had found the 32-door boarding house that Lina Jubaedah had bequeathed to him, posted for sale on an online buying and selling site. Therefore, Rizky Febian once asked for clarification from Teddy Pardiyana.

The boarding houses were one of the assets made by Lina Jubaedah from the money that Rizky Febian had worked for which was deposited with his late mother in the amount of IDR 5 billion while he was an artist. Therefore, Rizky Febian in his press conference in December 2020 gave an explanation.

“The boarding house is Iky’s right, now Putri takes care of it every month, suddenly two people are placed (on the) website to be sold. Suddenly there are two people who put the advertisement for the boarding house, one person we have reprimanded, the other He’s still joking, he’s making ads again. Meanwhile, it’s not his right,” said Rizky Febian.

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