Breaking Habits After Waking Up In the Morning, Mami Sisca: It’s Delicious Immediately

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Sisca Mellyana aka Mami Sisca. Photo: Instagram/siscamellyana22_official/gedelilaofficial

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The celebrity Sisca Mellyana alias Mami Sisca has again attracted the attention of netizens on social media.

She shared the latest portrait which shows the pose of wearing a red bikini. Mami Sisca seemed to be in the swimming pool holding a glass of watermelon juice. According to him, drink the juice

It is one of his favorite activities after waking up.

“It’s nice to wake up in the morning and drink water melon juice,” said Mami Sisca through her account on Instagram, Wednesday (23/2).

The woman nicknamed Auntie Unite the Nation then tried to interact with fans.

Mami Sisca asked about the favorite activities that followers do after waking up. “What do you do when you wake up in the morning?” continued Mami Sisca.

The photo of Mami Sisca in a red bikini immediately reaped comments from netizens.

During the verdict trial, this is the proof. Some fans praise Mami Sisca who often shares sexy photos on Instagram. (ded/jpnn)

Wearing a Sexy Bikini, Aunt Atien: Very Bright

Atien Simon alias Aunt Atien. Photo: Instagram/atiensimon/jippyrinaldi

Celebrity Atien Simon aka Aunt Atien shows a recent photo of herself wearing a bikini.

In a collection of photos uploaded to Instagram, she is seen wearing a black bikini covered in a white shirt.

Aunt Atien poses sexy by the pool while enjoying the atmosphere.

“It’s very sunny this afternoon, yes,” wrote Aunt Atien as a photo caption, Thursday (31/3).


The photo of the woman nicknamed the Unifying Nation Aunt immediately drew comments from netizens.

Hundreds of comments were written by netizens to respond to the photo of Aunt Atien.

A number of fans praised Aunt Atien’s appearance when wearing a bikini.

In addition to being beautiful, Aunt Atien was also praised as very sexy by followers. (ded/jpnn)

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