All Indonesia Can Be Upset, Extraordinary Things Will Happen If Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela Reunite, Denny Drako Reveals His Prediction

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After a dozen years of the cold war, the relationship between Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela has recently begun to improve.

Some time ago, Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela even met.

The meeting between Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela was revealed by Al Ghazali.

The eldest son of Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty said the meeting was aimed at visiting the mother.

Precisely when Maia Estianty had just undergone gallstone surgery.

“It’s good that the mother’s situation like this has a lesson. Very touched, moved,” said Al Ghazali, quoted from, on Friday (5/13/2022).

“I was surprised at first, wow, it arrived,” he continued.

With this meeting, Al Ghazali hopes that his two mothers can make up.

“Hopefully in the future they can grow up again and be able to please their children as well,” he said.

Meanwhile, the relationship between the two Ratu duo personnel was predicted by Denny Darko.

Launching from GridHits.ID, this was revealed in Denny Darko’s YouTube show which aired on August 1, 2019.

“I was wondering if it would be possible for Mulan Jameela if Maia Estianty accepted her apology to be able to come back again to make Duo Ratu?” said Denny Darko starting his prediction.

He saw the remnants of the heartache that still lingered in Maia Estianty.

“The Temperance card is a card that shows that Maia actually still has feelings in her heart that she is hurt.”

“This is a natural thing because as a woman, she has felt that her husband has been stolen by another woman. I’m sure this must have been very painful for her,” explained Denny Darko.

However, Denny Darko sees luck if Maia Estianty is willing to forgive Mulan Jameela.

Maia Estianty can even achieve success if she wants to form the duo group Ratu again with Mulan Jameela.

In fact, an uproar will shake the country’s music world if the two decide to return to music.

“This card will show that if they are together, it looks like this will be an extraordinary comeback,” said Denny Darko.

“I think this is something extraordinary because the bands right now are all in the doldrums,” he continued.

Not only about works, according to Denny Darko, Maia and Mulan’s improving relationship can also be a good example for the community.

“It’s not just about music but about forgiveness and the meaning of humanity,” he concluded.

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