This Revealed Korean Mother-in-law Maudy Ayunda

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The figure of Maudy Ayunda’s father-in-law from South Korea has finally been revealed. The faces of Jesse Choi’s father and mother were revealed by Jesse himself through his latest Instagram upload.

In the upload, Jesse’s parents looked happy when they were present at their son’s wedding.

In the wedding photo, Jesse’s mother is also seen wearing the same clothes as Maudy’s mother.

In the description of the upload, Jesse did not forget to express his happiness because his parents were able to attend his wedding with Maudy.

“A tribute post to my amazing parents who made it to Jakarta and Bali from LA, over 20 hours drive, for our special days. It was great to show you all my favorite places, food and activities! I can continue to make you proud, because you deserve at least that and more. See you – maybe next time in Korea or CA!” wrote Jesse Choi, Thursday (2/6).

“And thanks to Maudy’s parents and family for making my parents feel at home. It’s great to see our family grow closer,” he continued.

Jesse Choi is a man from South Korea who grew up and lives in the United States. Jesse and Maudy met when they were both studying at Stanford University.

Jesse and Maudy then married on May 22, 2022 in Jakarta. The two then held a reception in Bali, a week later.

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