The Fruit of Waiting for 6 Years, 11 Portraits of the Birth of Baby Gin’s Child Adiezty Fersa – Gilang Dirga Setia Accompanies His Wife

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On Wednesday (1/6/2022) morning, Adiezty Fersa and Gilang Dirga went to the hospital for the birth of their first child.

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Of course, this first moment made both of them enthusiastic and nervous at the same time. Not to forget, both of them asked for prayers so that the delivery process went smoothly.

During the birth process, Gilang Dirga seemed faithful to accompany his wife who was struggling to bring their baby into the world.

Gilang Dirga also teaches what kind of readings Adiezty Fersa should always sing while in the delivery room.

Indeed, Gilang Dirga is known to have always been a standby husband throughout Adiezty Fersa’s pregnancy journey until his wife gave birth.

Adiezty Fersa’s delivery process went smoothly, where the mother and baby are safe and healthy.

At the moment of the birth of the baby who is usually called baby G during the pregnancy, Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Fersa also revealed the full name of the baby.

The baby boy whose face is still kept a secret is named Gin Dirga. The name is known to have a beautiful and deep meaning.

The name Gin reads: ‘Gin’, not ‘Jin’, means silver or silvery in Japanese. While Dirga itself is taken from the name of his father.

It is hoped that baby Gin will always illuminate the life around him. In addition, Gilang Dirga feels that Gin’s name is related to their first child, Ace.

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