Take a peek at 5 ‘factories’ of Angelina Sondakh’s money now, it’s natural that Adjie Massaid’s widow can pay for the Umrah list

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As is known, Angie as she is familiarly called, will finish undergoing CMB at the Class I Penitentiary (Bapas) South Jakarta on Wednesday (1/6/2022).

Previously, the wife of the late Adji Massaid had carried out social reintegration for three months since March 3, 2022 after being imprisoned for 10 years for the corruption case in the construction of the 2011 SEA Games Athlete House in Palembang.

During this period, Angie is not allowed to go out of town or abroad without permission and is required to report once every two weeks to the South Jakarta Fathers.

During the CMB, the owner’s full name, Angelina Patricia Pingkan Sondakh, also received direct supervision from the Social Advisory Officer (PK) of the Fathers.

“Bapas will monitor your activities outside the office, continue to provide input. But it’s true. Because of my PK, Pak Fajar also always (asks), how are there problems? Is there distrust from the community? That’s always asked, ” Angie said in the South Jakarta Fathers Class I podcast, Tuesday (31/5/2022).

“And if there is, a solution will definitely be given. So I feel that the coaching really doesn’t end at the prison, but in these three months I feel that the Fathers have also provided extraordinary guidance,” he added.

Angie expressed her appreciation for the reception and service received from the South Jakarta Fathers during the CMB process, especially to the PK officers who raised her confidence to return to the community.

“I am very grateful because these three months have meant a lot to me. In these three months, it is very vulnerable for an ex-convict because he interacts with the community and we have a sense of distrust, and the Fathers have played an important role,” he explained.

Furthermore, this 44-year-old woman revealed her plans after her mentoring period ended as a client of the South Jakarta Fathers.

According to him, after undergoing CMB, he will carry out several pending plans. One of them underwent Umrah with his son Keanu Jabbar Massaid.

“The plan is for sure to go home, yes. We had already registered for Umrah. Well, we happened to get the schedule after I returned home. So, I went to Manado for a few weeks. After that, get ready for Umrah,” said Angie.

In addition to umrah, he admitted that he planned to continue the work that had been scheduled, but had not yet had time to do it.

In fact, the former Indonesian princess plans to release a single to an album of songs that have been prepared.

“(After Umrah) we just took the jobs that we had scheduled. Because there are jobs outside the city. Including several album releases, single releases, “he said.

“There are several podcasts that we have to continue with Sapu Jagad, ex-convicts too. Even though out of 10 ex-convicts, seven have been displaced, there are only three left. Because maybe you can’t stand it this time. It’s fierce, she admits,” said Angelina.

Indeed, after being released, Angelina Sondakh was diligent in collecting the coffers of money to be able to perform Umrah.

For the sake of collecting rupiah coffers, Angelina Sondakh seems to be in a series of promising businesses.

So what are the current ‘factories’ of Angelina Sondakh’s money?

1. Youtube

Reporting from the GridHot.ID page, Angelina Sondakh started by becoming the main character on the Keema Entertainment youtube channel.

The Keema Entertainment Youtube channel was apparently managed by Adjie Massaid’s younger brother, Mudji Massaid.

Not only that, the channel is working with Angelina Sondakh’s son, Keanu Massaid.

Keema Entertainment’s youtube channel is now experiencing a drastic increase after showing Angelina Sondakh’s life after being released.

It is known now, the number of subscribers has reached more than 269 thousand.

Meanwhile, some of the videos that have been shown have even more than 1 million views.

Like the video entitled “EXCLUSIVE!!! ANGELINA SONDAKH RESTORED THE HOUSE TO CUT KEANU MASSAID’S HAIR,” was able to reach 1.3 million views.

Not only that, Angie has also been a guest on artist podcasts, from Maia Estianty, Ashanty to Dinar Candy.

2. Culinary Business

However, not only Youtube Keema Entertainment, Angelina Sondakh and Mudji also have other money ‘factories’. Anything?

– Keema Food

Launching from the Instagram account @keema_food, this business contains food products such as bread and others.

Based on the official website, https://www.keemafood.com/, Keema Food serves Dutch-style food.

They have a diverse culinary menu, using only the freshest ingredients to bring home made food.

With chef Mudji Massaid who cooks with all his heart.

– Keema Snack

Keema Snack is also part of Keema Food. Also serves a variety of Dutch-style snacks made directly by Mudji.

3, Fashion Business

This is a fashion business managed by Keema. Various types of clothes are sold, especially casual ones.

4. Endorsement

With the Instagram account @angelinasondakh09, which now has 303 thousand followers, a number of endorsements have come.

Practically, every day there are products that are endorsed.

5. TV Show Guest

Angelina Sondakh has also attended several television shows, ranging from serious to sitcoms.

He had participated in the event Raffi Ahmad and Andre Taulany.

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