Jakarta Monas Monument: The Most Popular Family Vacation Destinations in the Capital City

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Jakarta National Monument

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Karogaul.com – Jakarta is indeed very synonymous with Monas or the National Monument. The building which was formed during the first Indonesian government of Soekarno is full of high historical value, especially related to stories. independence for the people of Indonesia slang.

As one of the must-visit destinations in Jakarta, Monas is not only an educational and historical sightseeing facility, it also has a variety of other interesting rides to hang out with. Moreover, the cheap ticket prices make this destination always crowded.

Review of Monas Jakarta

Jakarta National Monument
Photo by Kaga

Monas or the National Monument is a 132 m high memorial that was erected to commemorate the resistance and struggle by the Indonesian people when they won independence from colonialism.

The National Monument began to be formed on August 17, 1961 at the direction of President Soekarno. After that, it began to be opened to the public since on July 12, 1975, or about 14 years since it was founded.

The National Monument is the main icon of DKI Jakarta and as one of the most famous monuments in Indonesia, my friends. The Monas monument has a flame-shaped crown covered with gold, as a symbol of struggle.

Jakarta National Monument

Jakarta National Monument

Meanwhile, its position is right in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta. The design and construction concept of Monas is based on the concept of eternal common companions, namely the Linga and Yoni, as symbols of fertility and unity.

In addition to the exotic National Monument, there are also various sites of guidance and history of slang. A kind of relief of Indonesian history, the National History Museum, the Independence Room, as well as the top courtyard and the fire of independence.

Rides at Monas

There are many exciting and instagramable picture spots scattered in all tourist zones. Some of the rides at Monas are:

National Monument

Jakarta National Monument
Photo by Devi Dimitra Maksum

The Monas Monument is an iconic building in the National Monument area which consists of 117.7 m obelisks on a 17 m high square base. The entrance is located in a tunnel 3 m at its base.

Peak Court and the Fire of Independence

Jakarta National Monument

Jakarta National Monument

At the top of the National Monument, there is a cup that supports the bronze lamp. Weighing up to 14.5 tons with a gold structure of 35 kg, this flame has a large dimension of 14 m with a diameter of 6 m.

Indonesian historical reliefs

Jakarta National Monument
Jakarta National Monument

At each corner of the park outside Monas there is a relief depicting the history of Indonesia. Beginning in the east of Monas with the story of the heyday of the archipelago, friends, chronologically, it continues clockwise until the story of independence.

National History Museum

Jakarta National Monument
Jakarta National Monument

At a depth of 3 m at the base of the National Monument or after the entrance there is the National History Museum covering an area of ​​80 sq m. This room contains relics of Indonesian history from pre-historic times to the New Order era.

Independence Room

Jakarta National Monument
Jakarta National Monument

At the top of Monas or inside the cup of the monument there is an amphitheater as the Independence Room. Inside is the original reading of the proclamation, the national symbol, a map of Indonesia, and the red and white flag.

Price of admission

The following is the ticket price to enter the National Monument.

Museum entrance ticket
Student Rp3. 000
Adult Rp5. 000
Children Rp2. 000

Entrance ticket to the Peak Court and the Fire of Independence

Student Rp5. 000
Adult Rp10. 000
Children Rp2. 000

Things to Try Here

Jakarta National Monument
Photo by Indra Mahendra

If you are confused “if it’s good here, why the hell? don’t worry or worry. Because the following are some suggestions / activity options that you can live here.

1. Educational History Tour
As a historical site and a museum, some of the rides at Monas are indeed mostly of educational value.

So inviting the family, especially the children to Monas, will not only go out for sightseeing but also increase the knowledge of slang.

2. Viewing the city of Jakarta from the top of Monas
Climbing to the top of Monas on the top courtyard and the fire of independence, tourists can see the skyscrapers in Jakarta. Moreover, if the weather is clear, Mount Salak in West Java will be seen very clearly, slang.

Jakarta National Monument

Photo by Dhani Wazza

3. Watching the Dancing Fountain
The dancing fountain show is one of the attractions on display at the National Monument. slang buddy. Usually tried on weekends, Saturdays or Sundays, from 19.30 to 20.30 Wib for approximately 20-30 minutes.

4. Take the Tourist Train
If tourists are tired of walking in the tourist area of ​​​​Monas, friends, try to take a tourist train.

Not only free, riding a tourist train can also stay away from the scorching heat of the capital Jakarta.

5. Sports or Culinary Travel

The yard near the National Monument is in the form of an urban forest designed in the form of a courtyard, which can be an arena for sports.

Jakarta National Monument

Photo by Haziel Jonathan

Not only that, if your stomach is hungry, you can also visit a variety of typical culinary tours found in the Monas area.

The National Monument or abbreviated as Monas or Tugu Monas is a 132-meter-high memorial monument that was erected to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the Indonesian people to seize independence from the Dutch East Indies colonial government. Wikipedia

Monas Monument
Location : Gambir, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta
Opening hours: 8AM–10PM
Phone: (021) 3822255
Opened: 12 July 1975
Started construction: August 17, 1961
Architect: Friedrich Silaban, RM Soedarsono
Main contractor: PN Adhi Karya (foundation pole)

Thus a brief review of “Jakarta Monas Monument: The Most Hits Family Vacation Destination in the Capital City” please comment for slang friends who come here every weekend. . .


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