Edited by Oppa-oppa Tajir, Maudy Ayunda Holds a Reception at a Venue Price That Makes Me Gaze, Gile Is This Nominal!

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After holding the contract, Maudy Ayunda and Jesse Choi finally held a wedding reception which has recently been in the spotlight. Edited by the Korean Oppa who was rich and twisted, the wedding reception of Maudy and Jesse Choi which was held in Bali was also so luxurious and classy.

Maudy Ayunda and Jesse Choi held a private wedding reception at Six Sense Uluwatu Luxury Resort and Villa, Uluwatu, Bali. Renting Six Sense Uluwatu Luxury Resort and Villa for a wedding reception, of course, costs a lot of money.

As quoted in various sources, the prices for Maudy and Jesse’s reception venues are jaw-dropping. Six Sense Uluwatu Luxury Resort and Villa offers packages with varying rates for glamorous and private weddings. The price starts from Rp. 45 million to reach billions of rupiah.

However, until now, Maudy Ayunda has not publicly disclosed the details of the cost of the wedding and reception she held.

In a number of photos circulating on Instagram, Maudy looks beautiful and charming in a dress designed by Hian Tjien and wearing white pump heels from Christian Louboutin.

Not only that, Maudy Ayunda also wore diamond earrings weighing 3.330 grams. And reportedly, the diamond earrings worn by Maudy Ayunda are estimated at Rp. 181 million.

“Each earring has one diamond with a carat of 0.7 and is surrounded by 44 diamonds with a total carat of 0.171,” said the leading jewelry brand, Mondial.

Duh, really classy, ​​yes Beauty!

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