Look Elegant in a Family Photoshoot, Here Are 7 Portraits of Sheila Marcia who are happier with her husband and 4 children

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Currently, the family of Sheila Marcia and Dimas Akira has been enlivened with the presence of four children. Not only harmonious, Sheila Marcia, Dimas Akira, and their children also always appear compact.

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The harmony and cohesiveness of the Sheila Marcia family was framed during a photo shoot some time ago. Curious, what does the portrait look like? Let’s just take a peek at the following portrait.

1. More Harmonious

Sheila Marcia’s little family is now known as one of the most harmonious celebrity families. Almost never heard slanted news from the family of Sheila and Dimas. On the other hand, various sweet moments such as the photo shoot some time ago became evidence of the harmony of the small family.

2. Cool

Not only harmonious, Sheila Marcia’s family is also always calm. Sheila, Dimas and their four children always look harmonious and warm. It is evident that these various portraits of family togetherness always feel peaceful.

3. Add Happiness

With Dimas Akira, Sheila Marcia’s life seems happier. Especially now that Sheila has four children who were raised with her beloved husband. Sheila’s days as a wife and mother are always filled with happy smiles and laughter.

4. Love each other

Sheila Marcia’s little family always looks harmonious. Starting from Sheila, Dimas to their four children also seem to love each other. In various moments, they often show affectionate feelings through various interactions such as holding hands to hugging.

5. Always Compact

Not only harmonious, Sheila Marcia, Dimas Akira, and their four children are also always united. Their cohesiveness is not only seen in the photo shoot. In everyday life, Sheila’s little family is always compact to do fun activities together.

6. Spend Time Together

In the midst of their busy lives, as parents, Sheila Marcia and Dimas Akira always provide special time for their four children. Sheila Marcia and Dimas Akira are often seen taking their children for walks together.

7. Full of warmth

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