Wearing Blazer Without Bra Wulan Guritno Shows Real, Netizens: No Medicine

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Artist beautiful Wulan Guritno seems to never fail to bewitch netizens through his appearance. Sexy portrait Wulan Guritno also often make netizens salfok.

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Recently, Wulan Guritno looked beautiful and sexy wearing an all black outfit. She looks sexy because her black lace bra is clearly visible under her androgynous blazer.

Wulan Guritno

The bra is clearly visible and Wulan Guritno is confident in this style. His eyes are so sharp looking at the camera with a sexy body posture.

Seeing her appearance, it is not surprising that the nickname hot mom is often pinned to this mother of three children. At the age of 41 years, Wulan Guritno actually looks more beautiful and sexy. His appearance this time also succeeded in making netizens fascinated until they failed to focus.

Most netizens were fascinated by the beauty of Wulan Guritno. While the sexiness of this hot mom makes netizens get goosebumps!

“GETTING AGED MORE ,” said @tsuraya***

“Goosebumps on my body hair ,” said @fatih_alexander_t***

“The beauty is that there is no medicine, brother 😍😍,” praised @saya_ramara_an***

Wulan Guritno’s Sexy Style Wearing a Red Swimsuit Makes Netizens Difficult to Sleep

Wulan Guritno (Photo : Instagram/@wulanguritno)

CHARM Wulan Guritno again stole the attention of netizens on Instagram. This time, Wulan Guritno not only looks beautiful, but also sexy.

Wulan Guritno shared vacation moments to his personal Instagram, @wulanguritno. Posing on the ship, Wulan Guritno looked sexy wearing a red-and-white motif swimsuit.

Wulan Guritno

The swimsuit worn by the mother of three has a backless model. As a result, Wulan’s smooth back is clearly displayed on the camera. Plus the long hair that is left loose, Wulan’s appearance becomes even more sexy.

Not only beautiful and sexy, this hot mom style is also cool by wearing sunglasses. Beautiful, sexy and stylish, it’s no wonder this artist is called a ‘hot mom’ by Indonesian netizens.

At the age of 41 years, Wulan Guritno does look more beautiful and sexy. Like the photo this time, Wulan’s charm is increasingly undeniable.

Wulan Guritno

Wulan’s appearance this time also succeeded in making netizens fascinated until they failed to focus! What are the comments of +62 netizens looking at Wulan Guritno’s appearance?

“Hot momy.. when I’m a mom, I want this cake too ❤️,” said @n_jia ***

“The beauty is hot mommyyyyy 😍❤️,” continued @intanrat***

“Mba Wulan gemsiiinn,” said @rizalf ***

“It’s hard to sleep when you see something like this ,” said @mzdhea ***

“I don’t know what to say, sharp glances have pierced my heart😍😍😍,” said @daus_egoi***

“Very special,” said @ahmadshofir***



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