Sky Seduh Rooftop : Enjoying the Beauty of Twilight Jakarta City from a height

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Rooftop Brewing Sky

One of the more famous cafes is Langit Seduh Rooftop. This cafe offers a complete package. True to its name, Langit Seduh combines 2 things: the natural scenery of the sky and the specialty coffee brewing. Here, slang friends can perch while snacking with the natural panorama of the Jakarta skyline. Then, what are the uniqueness of this rooftop cafe? Follow the reviews to the end, yes!

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Coffee Accompanied by Jakarta Afternoon Sky

Photo by Sultan Kocasin

Sky Seduh Rooftof Café has been open since September 1, 2018 and is located in the Tanah Abang area, precisely on Jalan Yard Kebon Sirih I, Takes Mansion hotel, 11th floor, friends.

By adopting the concept of a rooftop cafe, this destination has become a destination for foodies and millennials who want to spend the night in Jakarta while eating and drinking. The reason is, when the soft opening is immediately crowded with tourists, it’s no wonder that its fame has exceeded the old cafe that first existed, slang.

Hanging out at this cafe is delicious in the afternoon, bro because you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying the natural panorama of the Jakarta city sky and there is also a swimming pool area where you can hang out as a photo spot.

Rooftop Brewing Sky

Photo by Melly Degea

At night, the atmosphere of this cafe continues to be fun with the decorations of the building lights that are lit, while enjoying the natural panorama of the city lights, it is sure to make your slang friends calm and feel like you are on vacation, bro. However, your slang friends should arrive when Langit Seduh just opens at 17:00 WIB so that your slang friends can sip coffee while enjoying the sunset.

Rooftop Brewing Sky

Photo by Melly Degea

As previously stated, Langit Seduh does offer a complete package. Not only the atmosphere and the menu are okay, but also the entertainment is slang. Accompanied by a cup of coffee and the extraordinary natural scenery nearby, you will also enjoy the accompaniment of live classical music from various musicians, slang friends in Jakarta. Moreover, actor Rizky Febrian also briefly appeared on Langit Seduh Rooftof, friends.

Full Menu Preferences Appetizing

Rooftop Brewing Sky
Photo by Gisella Christanty

In this casual cafe with a rooftop design, you can choose whether you want to sit on the sofa or the bean bags provided in one of the zones. Not only that, the uniqueness of this cafe is that the waiters use seaside shirts. Feels like relaxing by the sea, right bro?

Langit Seduh offers many menu options, ranging from the main menu, snacks, drinks to the dessert menu. Don’t forget to try dishes that are dominated by western menus, such as Roti John, Aglio e Olio, and 90s Donuts.

Rooftop Brewing Sky

Photo by Sultan Auliya

One of the menus that should not be missed is Nasi Kabsah which costs Rp. 90. 000. The savory aroma of mutton broth and spices can be smelled from the reddish-brown rice. While the mutton served 2 pieces with another dimension. The meat is also tender and tasty without bones.

Rooftop Brewing Sky

Photo by Nabila Yasmin

There is also a snack like Mpoy Mixed Donuts mixed with potatoes. The size is quite large and suitable as a dessert after eating the main meal. One portion of these donuts is priced at Rp. 40 thousand and contains 3 donuts with various fillings, namely chocolate, cheese, and powdered sugar.

Not only that, there is a unique drink from a combination of klepon and coffee called Iced Coffee Klepon at a price of Rp. 38 thousand, made from coffee and klepon flavored syrup. It tastes sweeter with a distinctive coffee taste. However, it feels fresh and quenches thirst.

Operational hour

Rooftop Brewing Sky
Photo by Taruna Riyanto

The cafe, which is known with the tagline “Coffee in the Sky” is open every day from 17. 00 WIB – 24.00 WIB and is always crowded with tourists, especially on weekends, friends. So, friends should not visit when it’s raining so that you can enjoy the twilight atmosphere from above.

Not only enjoying the rooftop cafe and interesting panoramic views. Slang friends can also staycation at Takes Mansion which has other facilities, it is sure for slang friends to feel comfortable staying here for a long time. A kind of swimming pool zone which is also located at the top of the building.

Rooftop Brewing Sky

Photo by Faizinal Abidin

Rooftop Brewing Sky
Address: Jl. Taman Kebon Sirih 1 No.3, Kp. Bali, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta City
Phone: 0812-1249-4839

How are you interested in trying to perch while enjoying the twilight from a height? Don’t forget to also invite your friends or companions to hang out with friends so that the atmosphere perched is even more fun, So that’s a brief review of “Sweet Sky Rooftop: Enjoying the Beauty of the Dusk of Jakarta from a Height” Happy holiday!


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