Fans are excited, Vanesha Prescilla suddenly gives a birthday surprise to Afgan who is performing at the Java Jazz Festival, the two’s intimate hugs make people happy

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The appearance of the handsome singer Afgan is indeed able to hypnotize his fans at every event.

Afgan’s distinctive sound became a magnet in itself in the second day of the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) held at the Jakarta International Expo, Saturday (28/5/2022).

Reporting from TribunJabar, in his appearance, Afgan was able to absorb the fanaticism of thousands of young people who filled Hall D of the JJF event.

The singer who skyrocketed with his hit song ‘Sadis’ made the audience willing to jostle to watch his performance.

The hits that were sung included So Wrong But So Right.

“This song is a special gift for my 33rd birthday,” Afgan said before singing it.

Afgan became one of the guest stars in the 2022 Java Jazz Festival, Saturday (28/5/2022).

Starting the performance with the song ‘Say I’m Sorry’, Afgan made the audience hysterical.

Unexpectedly, Afgan Syahreza’s fans presented the song ‘Happy Birthday’ to their idol who had just turned 33 on May 27 yesterday.

“Happy birthday to me, thank you, thank you. Does anyone have a birthday today? The Gemini gang, there’s Gemini,” said Afgan on the Java Jazz Festival 2022 stage, at JiExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Saturday (28/5). /2022).

In fact, he also gave greetings to the audience who also had a birthday.

Afgan prays for a mate to be given soon.

“Happy birthday to those who have and want a birthday, hopefully this year will be the best year for us, which we want to achieve,” he said.

“Those who haven’t got a mate, hopefully they will get it soon,” he continued.

Quoted from, after singing seven songs, Vanessa Prescilla suddenly came on stage with a cup cake.

Vanesha gave a birthday surprise to Afgan who was having a birthday.

Vanessa Prescilla’s hug and whisper to Afgan made the women immediately scream.

“Applause for Sasa, he said Happy Birthday,” Afgan explained.

A total of 10 songs were sung by Afgan at the annual event.

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