Anya Geraldine shows off wearing sexy clothes to show her beauty

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Actress Anya Geraldine has again stolen public attention after uploading a video of herself to social media.

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Attached to a sexy image, his upload suddenly made a scene because netizens had the wrong focus because of this.

In the video uploaded on Sunday (29/5/2022), Anya Geraldine seems to be on vacation in Bali.

The star of the series Layangan Putus also admits that lately he rarely gives news on his social media.

But it’s not about Anya Geraldine who rarely gives news, what netizens are paying attention to.

But the appearance of the 26-year-old artist is considered too sexy.

Anya Geraline wears a yellow body suit with an open chest. However, her panties are white in a much different fashion.

Not only that, on the next slide, Anya Geraldine combined her bodysuit with a side skirt.

Even though this time it was of the same color, netizens still commented eccentrically about the dress style of the woman whose real name is Nur Amalina Hayati.

“Want to be surprised but Nur Amalina Hayati,” commented the @Zerozero7 account on TikTok.

“Fashion is getting here and there, surprised,” said the account @Tetehsunda chimed in.

Warganet also questioned the fashion of clothing used by Anya Geraldine. Some call it like an omelette roll up to a mermaid costume.

“What’s the model of the dress,” said the account @dikagaming51 surprised.

“Roll omelet, sis,” replied Medina Sembiring

“Mermaid hahaha,” said the account @aurelliaessapupitadewi in response.


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