Behind Maudy Ayunda’s Intelligence: There Are These Benefits from Mauren’s Parenting

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Maudy Ayunda’s mother, Mauren Jasmedi, once argued that intelligence is not just an achievement recorded on paper. According to him, someone needs to be able to overcome solutions, make them enjoy when they are invited to talk, and even need to be skilled at homework.

“He must be pleasant to talk to, must be able to solve problems, must be able to even do household chores, can be talked to anyway,” said Mauren, quoted from detikHot.

“Auntie really doesn’t like people who are just smart, but what can you do, because your child is smart too, so his grades are good, so you can’t stop it,” he continued.

Even though he admits that he wants his son to be more relaxed about studying, Mauren has a few leaks about his parenting style which he has also revealed in Narrative TV. Some of them are self-reliance, introducing the attitude of sharing and reading books, and motivating Maudy Ayunda to be enthusiastic about school.

Specifically regarding teaching independence, sharing, and reading books, these three things do have various benefits for children. Parents at home can listen to the reviews below.

Benefits of Parenting Maudy Ayunda’s Mother

A. Teaching Independence

“I want an independent child, as early as possible to be independent. That’s why even though Auntie used to have a maid, she didn’t allow the children to tell the maids ‘Take a drink’ or ‘Madam, take my bag’,” said Mauren.

Children tend to want to do things alone. This tendency is an important beginning of independence. Quoting from Schoolhouse Daycare UK, here are some of the benefits of encouraging them to be independent:

  • Supports self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and resilience in school.
  • Teach them that they have control over themselves.
  • Gives a sense of worth and a feeling of being part of the environment.
  • Increase self-awareness and sensitivity to others.
  • Gives confidence that they are competent and reliable by themselves.
  • Train them to be good decision makers.
  • Give them the space to experience things to the fullest and learn from them.
  • Gives happiness when you have achieved something.

B. Benefits of Introducing a Sharing Attitude

“I always say to the children, no matter how great your life is if your life is not useful for other people, it’s not important,” he said.

According to The Australian Parenting Website, children need to learn to share so that they can find and look after their friends, play cooperatively, be able to queue, and negotiate and come to terms with disappointment. In addition, the attitude of sharing makes children understand how to compromise and understand justice.

Even so, according to psychologist Laura Markham, quoted from VeryWell Family, forcing children to share is also not a good thing. Because they can absorb messages that are actually counterproductive. Some of the erroneous messages they may understand are, crying loudly will help get what they want, parents determine who gets what or when to get it, when another child asks for something it must be given.

C. Benefits of Introducing the Hobby of Reading Books

The hobby of reading books is something that is inherited in the Maudy family. Mauren also has a habit of neatly collecting books and passing them on to his children.

“It turns out that the hobby of reading has also passed down to my children,” he said.

Some of the benefits of reading books for children, according to the Cam Everlands Primary School UK page are:

  • Reading will strengthen the connections contained in the brain.
  • Increase concentration.
  • Teach children about how the environment or the world.
  • Increase vocabulary and language skills.
  • Improve imagination.
  • Supports the development of empathy.
  • Children who read perform better in school.

Those are some of the benefits of Maudy Ayunda’s parenting style. What do you think?

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