5 Sexy Portraits of Sassha Carissa in Bikini Make Netizens Pledge Loyalty If You Have a Match

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Name Sassha Carissa (SC) suddenly became the spotlight of netizens because they were dragged artist prostitution case. However, he finally confirmed the case on January 5 at the Ditreskimsus Polda West Java.

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Head of Sub-Directorate V Cyber ​​Ditreskrimsus West Java Police AKBP Reonald Simanjuntak said Sassha Carissa was being investigated regarding her relationship with a TA artist pimp named Alona.

“Sister SC has come to fulfill our call and we have asked 28 questions and have clarified everything,” said Reonald Simanjuntak at the West Java Regional Police, Bandung City, Tuesday, January 5, 2021, quoted from Antaranews.

Apart from these cases, today’s magazine models are indeed famous on their social media, often posting sexy portraits that show their beautiful bodies. One of them when Sassha Carissa wore a bikini.

1. Bikini Tosca While in Timor Leste

Sassha Carissa

The photo that he uploaded on his personal Instagram account @sasshacarissa shows Sassha in a top bandeau bikini that doesn’t have a strap like a kemben.

As for his subordinates, he uses a triangle model of pants with a boho motif.

Her hair was also pulled back so that it exposed her smooth shoulders and neck, Sassha Carissa is sexy!

2. Black Bikini While in Bali

Sassha Carissa

This time, Sassha appeared in a bikini top with a combination of a one shoulder top and a tie front bikini.

While underneath he wears a triangle pants model.

This bikini also has a boho motif and has a b&w feel.

She wore her hair in a ponytail with a frangipani flower accent tucked into her ear.

This sexy portrait also makes netizens stunned. Various netizens’ tweets were busy in the comments column on Sassha’s photo upload.

“Having a wife like you doesn’t cheat on me anymore 😍,” wrote @ilhampras12

“The body is really perfect 👍😍,” praised @zegaselvister05422

“Sasha, so sexy @sasshacarissa,” said @aguk_aded

. Blue Bikini Dress in the Pool

Sassha Carissa

This photo with 47 thousand likes shows a portrait behind him.

Seen she is wearing a blue swimdress while posing raising her hands to her head by the pool.

4. Pink Bikini in the Pool

Sassha Carissa

The photo while immersing herself in the swimming pool shows Sassha in her feminine pink mauve bikini.

She is seen wearing a bikini with a combination of a one-shoulder top and a tie-front model, which is a one-strap bikini model tied at the front.

This time, she let her long hair fall freely, giving off a sexy and feminine aura.



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