Portrait of Angel Karamoy Wet After Bathing, Something Comes Up

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No one doubts the attractiveness of hot mom Angel Karamoy.

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The beautiful face of Manado women is supported by body goals like a girl, making her always the center of attention.

Angel Karamoy always leaves a sexy impression in every upload of his portrait on Instagram.

Even without revealing her curves in a bikini, her sensual aura still radiates.

This time the charm of the mother of two children really radiated maximally when she was drenched after swimming.

Angel Karamoy has just shared a self-portrait on Instagram @realangelkaramoy with wet hair and a glowing face.

His gaze was so sharp and seductive. Her black hair was left loose.

Angel Karamoy (Instagram @realangelkaramoy)

Wearing a blue swim suit, light make-up and blushing red lips, Angel managed to make millions of her followers stunned until it was hard to blink.

There was no information written by the 35-year-old woman. Even so, the comment column was boisterous when netizens shouted at each other.

“Gilee is so beautiful angel😍,” praised @andi *** the archery.

“Seger bingit bestie,” said @alpian ***.

“Angel is taking a bath”️😍” replied @agus***.



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