Going to sports, Maria Vania even makes netizens tense

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Upload a photo when you want to exercise in red clothes, Maria Vania’s appearance makes netizens tense.

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Maria Vania re-uploaded a sexy photo on her personal Instagram account which was uploaded on Saturday (28/5/2022).

The beautiful model returns to wearing an outfit that is considered lacking in materials.

But actually it was deliberately used by Maria Vania because she wanted to do physical activities outside the room.

Maria Vania appeared wearing sports clothes resembling a sports bra as well as red pants that were loose.

He also let down his long hair which made him look even more charming.

At that time Maria Vania was seen sitting on one of the sofas which happened to be outside the room

The sexy model also lifted her legs up onto the sofa, revealing the white shoes she wore for exercising.

Don’t forget to also ask Maria Vania and remind her loyal fans whether they have exercised or not.

“Was working out this morning,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long for many netizens to immediately write various comments to answer questions as well as this upload from Maria Vania.

For example, many netizens admit that they have not exercised because of the unfriendly weather.

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Going to sports, Maria Vania even makes netizens tense

Because apparently don’t feel tired and don’t mood to exercise when it rains.

“It’s not raining yet, because it’s raining,” said one netizen.

Apart from that, there are also netizens who openly write jokes that exercising together with Maria Vania is certainly much more fun.

“Sports together are more exciting, Ms. Vania,” said netizens.

And there are also netizens who openly write rags so that Maria Vania doesn’t get out of her sight.

Moreover, with such an appearance, netizens are tensed to see Maria Vania.

“The one in red should not escape.”

“Well, just make it tense,” said the netizen.



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