Dinner together, these are 5 portraits of Prilly Latuconsina with Mesut Ozil

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Mesut Ozil’s presence in Indonesia has recently been in the spotlight of football lovers. The former Real Madrid player received so many great receptions, as did Indonesian celebrities. In the agenda which is quite a lot in the country, there is one dinner event together.

In the event, several celebrities were also invited, one of which was Prilly Latuconsina. This successful young actress who currently owns the football club Pesikota FC was happy when she met Ozil.

After returning from Turkey, he immediately attended the soccer star’s dinner. His portrait with Ozil has also received a lot of praise and envy. Some even asked the soccer star to join Persikota FC.

Here are 5 portraits of Prilly Latuconsina with Mesut Ozil which Liputan6.com quoted from Instagram @prillylatuconsina96, Friday (27/5/2022)

1. This is the portrait of Mesut Ozil with Prilly Latuconsina

2. Look charming in black clothes, this moment makes a lot of people jealous

3. This dinner moment was also held at a restaurant with other celebrities

4. Besides Prilly, there is also the presence of YouTuber Arief Muhammad

5. On his agenda to Indonesia, Ozil also took the time to pray Friday at the Istiqlal Mosque

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