Tebet Eco Park : Beautiful Green Park in Jakarta for Family Holidays on the Weekend

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Tebet Eco Park Jakarta

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Karogaul.com – Tebet Eco Park is a special gift for Jakarta residents in particular, who have long been limited in their tourism activities due to the pandemic atmosphere, friends.

Tebet Eco Park is also the answer to the importance of green open spaces that are comfortable, safe, educational, and able to adapt to current trends, slang.

The attention of the citizens of Jakarta is so great for an excursion to Tebet Eco Park, my friends. This is proven when the weekend the number of tourists who arrive will be very large, slang friends.

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta

Photo by Tyo Tyo

Although the Tebet Eco Park was only established on 23-4-2022 by the Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. However, it can immediately attract the attention of citizens so that it looks so viral in the world of social media, friends, slang.

Tebet Eco Park is not just an ordinary park, friends. It contains meaning, or philosophical value, from the arrangement of this park, especially in the architecture of the bridge building which is so stunning.

So, for those of you who want to take a vacation to Tebet Eco Park, you are required to use the PeduliLindung application, friends. Or bring a card, or a certificate of fact that has been vaccinated.

Route To Tebet Eco Park

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
Photo by Manoj Shewaramani

The route to Tebet Eco Park Jakarta can be accessed using private vehicles, or public transportation equipment, such as Trans Jakarta buses, public transportation, to online transportation services.

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta

pics. Tebet Eco Park

The route to Tebet Eco Park when using the Trans Jakarta Bus, or Microtrans which is very close is the Tebet– Kuningan Station route.

There is also a Trans Jakarta Bus stop not far from Tebet Eco Park, here are the locations:

::West Tebet Simpang IX 1
::West Tebet Simpang IX 2
::Tebet Forest Courtyard
::Street. East Tebet III

Entrance Ticket Prices for Tebet Eco Park Jakarta

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
Photo by Bintang Akbar Maulana

Entrance ticket to Tebet Eco Park free slang buddy. This is also one of the alibis why Tebet Eco Park Jakarta is always so crowded, not only because of the charm of its tourist beauty, and also accompanied by unique and instagramable selfie spots, friends.

Facilities at Tebet Eco Park

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
pics. Tebet Eco Park

The tourist facilities at Tebet Eco Park are as follows:
Parking zones, toilets, mosques, jogging tracks, unique and instagramable selfie spots (Infinity Bridge). and overgrown with fresh green trees.

History of Tebet Eco Park

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
pics. Tebet Eco Park

Tebet Eco Park is a revitalization of the Tebet Honda Park, friends. At first, Tebet Eco Park were two separate courtyards, and were not integrated as they are today.

These two pages are connected by an iconic bridge, friends, as well as being a favorite selfie spot for tourists, which is often called the Infinity Link Bridge.

After being integrated, Tebet Eco Park has an area of ​​​​approximately 7.3 ha. The park area is equipped with various selfie spot content, or trending and contemporary tourist facilities.

Attractions of Tebet Eco Park

1. Infinity Bridge

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
pics. Tebet Eco Park

The main attraction of the Tebet Eco Park tourist destination is the bridge which is very iconic, colorful, as well as being a place that is highly sought after by tourists to take selfies with friends.

This bridge has a philosophy of uniting the diversity of slang friends. In fact, Infinity Bridge brings together the diversity found in the North Tebet Courtyard, as well as the South Tebet Courtyard.

2. Children’s Play Zone

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
Photo by Meli Kardina Muhayati

Tebet Eco Park is very suitable for family trips on the weekends, friends. Because this park provides several facilities that can be enjoyed by the baby in the form of a fun children’s play zone.

Not only that, friends, Tebet Eco Park can also be used as an option for jogging, or cycling. But for bicycles, it’s better when the number of visitors is not so much, so it’s more relaxed and safe.

3. There Are More Than 1000 Trees

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta
Photo by Hendrizal Koto

Tebet Eco Park also presents an educational side. This is proven by the presence of trees which number approximately 1000 plants or slang trees.

One selfie spot with another photo spot is integrated with a road that has been designed and well-organized, and captivates slang. The trees in Tebet Eco Park can provide shade for tourists who arrive at this beautiful tourist spot.

Tebet Eco Park Jakarta

Photo by Aditya Fajar

Tebet Eco Park
Address: Jl. Tebet Barat Raya, RT.1/RW.10, Tebet Bar., Kec. Tebet, South Jakarta City, DKI
Opening hours:6AM – 8PM Wib
Phone: (021) 5328454
Area: 25 hectares
Type: City park

That’s a brief review of “Tebet Eco Park: Beautiful Green Park in Jakarta for a Family Vacation on the Weekend” Friends, when are you going on vacation to this beautiful park?


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