Aunt Ernie is determined to fulfill fan requests, now everyone can see her looking innocent

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Aunt Ernie posts a face without makeup after waking up (Instagram @himynameisernie)

Often showing off his sexy photos, Ernie Judojono already has 1 million followers on the @himynameisernie Instagram account.

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The busy woman who is familiarly called Aunt Ernie is only a housewife and has three children.

Aunt Ernie went viral after netizens followed her Instagram account.

At the age of five, Aunt Ernie is still sexy and slim.

Not long ago, Aunt Etnie finally fulfilled the request of the fans.

Often looks like an ABG girl, apparently fans are curious if Aunt Ernie takes a selfie without make-up.

Aunt Ernie doesn’t seem afraid to get a challenge from fans.

This is evidenced by daring to post a plain face without makeup on Instagram.

Wearing a dress with a top like a maroon bun, Aunt Ernie showed her real face.

Unmitigated, Aunt Ernie’s selfie face was taken when she woke up.

“Tan, can I see his face when he just wakes up? Those who don’t wear make up..

Tadaa!! This cake looks like this,” wrote Aunt Ernie.

Aunt Ernie posts face without makeup after waking up (Instagram @himynameisernie) (

There are three photo slides uploaded by Aunt Ernie with various expressions ranging from cool faces and smiles.

Auntie Ernie’s bold action has earned her a lot of praise.

donni.8888: Still fresh and sexy Tan

crone9873: Still tempting

cikilimangantuan: It’s still exactly the same when I woke up next to Aunt @himynameisernie. But not long after I woke up, it was just a dream

caged: Just wake up to wake up let alone sleep

Tora Sudiro’s Comment on Aunt Ernie’s Photo

Aunt Ernie is known to be on vacation to Bali to welcome the new year.

This sexy celebrity did not forget to show off her beautiful photos while on the beach.

Yes, Aunt Ernie often confides on her Instagram because she misses the beach.

His desire to play again on the beach finally happened.

Aunt Ernie shared her portrait against the backdrop of a beautiful beach in Bali.

He posed wearing a swimsuit with outer.

The owner of the name Ernie Judojono looked stunning under the blue sky of Bali at that time.

Ernie who had earned the nickname 'Aunt of Unifying the Nation'
Ernie who had earned the nickname ‘Aunt of Unifying the Nation’ (instagram @himynameisernie)

Several clusters of rocks in the blue waters of the beach also seem to spoil the eyes of the beholder.

Plus the figure of Aunt Ernie who was sitting on a beach border made of wood.

Ernie poses candidly with a slight smile from the corners of his lips.

She held her loose hair at that moment with one hand.

On the second slide, the Unifying Nation Aunt poses a bolder pose.

He raised one hand holding his hair like a top model.

The curve of Aunt Ernie’s body like a spanish guitar was explicitly caught on camera.

He put a caption describing the beach waves at that time.

“The waves are really fast,” wrote Aunt Ernie.

From the location information, Aunt Ernie was at Rock Bar Bali

To quote sweetrip, Rock Bar by AYANA Bali itself is located on the seafront.

The cafe as well as the bar is precisely located on a cliff with a height of 14 meters above sea level.

This place is indeed perfect for hanging out while looking at the beautiful beach like Aunt Ernie did at that time.

Aunt Ernie’s upload has been liked by 111,000 people and has been flooded with more than 2000 comments.

Among these comments, many praised Aunt Ernie’s appearance.

But there is also the wrong focus on the waves behind the 45-year-old aunt.

One of them is the famous actor Tora Sudiro.

With her verified account, Tora praised the waves behind Aunt Ernie.

“The waves are good,” wrote @t_orasudi_ro.

Aunt Ernie immediately responded to that comment.

“It’s good, but it’s so big that I’m afraid to swim in the sea, Om Tor,” he added.

Not only Aunt Ernie, other netizens also replied to Tora’s comments.

“Ah yes, om tora,” said the citizen.

“Yes, it’s good, so it’s comfortable to see it,” concluded another.


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