Wear a transparent dress, Brisia Jodie’s beauty is matchless

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The beautiful singer Brisia Jodie uploaded a new photo on her personal Instagram account on Wednesday (25/5/2022).

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On that occasion, Brisia Jodie was seen together with a number of singers who had dropped out of other talent search events.

This woman looks so beautiful in a black dress.

It’s just that the dress has a very open look, for example, it resembles a bra and a span skirt which is then covered with a net.

The shirt also shows its arms because it was intentionally designed to only use one arm while the other arm is exposed.

Brisia Jodie also chose to give a light make-up brush.

In her appearance this time, Brisia Jodie completed her appearance with earrings that were large enough so that the combination of these styles made her appearance look very elegant.

“Jogja has 😍✨

Makeup by @hdwmakeup18 hairdo by @lutfilhuda_hairstyle .

Stylist: @elcofrebliaman

Stylist Ast: @uci.puspita

Fittings: @kikyrizkytomy

Attire: @byestherjean

: @yudiyanuari_,” he wrote.

Seeing the upload, of course, many netizens immediately wrote various compliments for Brisia Jodie Maurinne’s appearance.

For example, there are netizens who call it if it’s full, it looks like a Jogja princess.

“This is the Princess of Jogjakarta,” said a netizen.

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Wear a transparent dress, Brisia Jodie’s beauty is matchless

In addition, many netizens said that the beauty of Brisia Jodie when performing and attending the event was unmatched.

“Oh my God, she is incomparably beautiful.”

“So beautiful Sis,” said another.

In addition, there are also netizens who feel that Brisia Jodie’s appearance makes her appearance and aura more mature than her age.

But even so, it does not eliminate the cute impression that has been his hallmark.



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