Don’t Use Tools, This Is What Aura Kasih Does When Her Desire Appears After Divorce

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Not Using Sex Aids, This Is What Aura Kasih Does When Her Sexual Desire Appears After Divorce: Sex Is Important

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Aura Kasih openly reveals how she overcomes her sexual desires that arise after a divorce.

Aura Kasih is a row of beautiful artists who are widows.

As is known, Aura Kasih is still a widow until now after breaking up with Eryck Amaral.

Aura Kasih surprisingly filed for divorce from Eryck Amaral at the South Jakarta Religious Court on December 17, 2020.

Aura Kasih explained the reason for the divorce from Eryck Amaral, the man who had been married to her since 2018.

Aura said, many factors made her and Eryck to take a break.

“Yes, because right, it’s been 10 months apart from March. So, I’m here alone with the baby, fighting alone. Finally, we decided that it couldn’t be continued either,” Aura told reporters via video call, Friday (12/18). /2020) quoted from the page

However, Aura dismissed the notion that incompatibility was the main reason for the divorce.

“I’m not saying there is no match, yes, it’s just that there are many factors. It’s already impossible. And Erick is also pursuing a career in Bangkok. Then it’s not possible to go home,” said Aura.

Living alone without a partner, Aura Kasih also opened up about her sexual life after her divorce from her ex-husband Eryck Amaral.

To Deddy Corbuzier, Aura Kasih surprisingly and frankly talked about how to deal with sexual needs after divorce.

The public knows that Aura Kasih has just divorced from her popcorn husband, Eryck Amaral.

For one reason or another, the two decided to separate.

And now Aura Kasih acts as a single parent for her beloved daughter.

Regarding sexual needs, Aura Kasih does not deny that it is something very important.

But she also said that being a widow in Indonesia is not as easy as being a widower.

“Sex is important,” said Aura Kasih quoted by GridHot.ID via YouTube Deddy Corbuzier which was uploaded on (31/10/21)

“For me, touching is stress relief.”

And, added Aura Kasih, attention without meeting or touch doesn’t feel real.

Aura Kasih herself admits that she is a person who is very consent to touch as the language of love.

“However, everyone can be like that, but you can see people from their touch,” said Aura Kasih.

“We can feel.”

Deddy Corbuzier is increasingly curious about how Aura Kasih can channel his sexual desires.

“Yuni Shara ever talked about sex toys, didn’t you?” asked Deddy Corbuzier.

According to information from TribunMedan, Aura Kasih apparently has her own assessment of the sexual aids.

He calls it unreal and lies to himself.

“You don’t feel sorry for yourself, do you?” asked Aura Kasih.

Sex toys, said Aura Kasih, are lies.

Therefore, when sexual desire arises, Aura Kasih has its own way.

That is by means of hypnotherapy.

“Yes, it’s better to switch to something else,” said Aura Kasih.

“Indeed, we need it, but we’re diverted to something else. I’m learning hypnotherapy to be calmer.”

Aura Kasih

In addition, Aura Kasih also mentioned her status as a widow.

According to him, being a widow in Indonesia is not as easy as being a widower.

She also said that being a widow is also more difficult than being a woman who has never been married at all.

According to Aura Kasih, being a widow is often talked about by people.

“But I thought, why am I thinking about what people say, I don’t want to care about what people say,” said Aura Kasih.

“If I focus on what other people say, I won’t move forward.”


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