Video of Maria Vania Playing in a Short Skirt, Someone is Peeking

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The name of the beautiful and sexy presenter Maria Vania has skyrocketed. He tried to take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a YouTuber.

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Apart from being a presenter, this Bandung father is also a sports influencer.

So don’t be surprised if the YouTube content is dominated by sports tricks and tips to shape certain body parts so that they are tighter and not slack.

Vania likes various sports, one of which is tennis. Now talking about tennis, Vania is also good at beating and smashing with a racket.

Like the latest video upload on Instagram, Vania is so passionate about playing tennis.

Wearing an all-white sport wear, Vania is so eye-catching. Short skirt and sports bra with a wide opening at the chest.

Instagram @maria_vaniaa

In the description in the caption column, Vania tries to give flirty guesses to her 3.6 million followers.

“It’s small, but it’s the first time I’ve tried it and it’s already made Vania run out of breath. Guess what?” he said on Instagram @maria_vaniaa, Friday (15/10/2021).

Within hours of the video being uploaded, tens of thousands of likes have rained down on it.

Vania has always been a magnet for her devotees. Most of the Adam. Here’s their cool comment.

“Wow sweaty,” said @doyok ***.

“There is white behind white pants,” continued @sabar***.

“Spill woyyy,” snapped @putra***. (dra/dawn)


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