Upload a photo with ‘hot’ clothes, Wulan Guritno is called younger than his son

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Wulan Guritno’s charm is unavoidable. He is even said to look younger than his daughter.

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Cekricek.id – Every portrait shared by Wulan Gurinto on his Instagram account always manages to steal the attention of netizens.

This is related to her face which still looks youthful and charmingly beautiful even though she has now entered the age of her head of four.

For a woman her age, it could be said that the mother of three looked younger than her actual age.

As in the latest photo upload. He shared a portrait of himself with his daughter, Shalom Razade.

They both look beautiful and charming while attending a events. Their outfits and makeup in the photo successfully attracted the attention of netizens. Wulan Guritno with her black outfit, while Shaloom’s outfit is more full color.

Both of them also seemed to be wearing dresses that slightly showed their chest and seemed sexy.

Wulan wears a black blazer with a black brocade bra underneath and black pants. He unites the two sides of his blazer by wearing a belt. For the sake of the perfection of her appearance, Wulan wore gold oval earrings.

While Shaloom wears bright clothes. The top is pink and red heart combined with a transparent outer with a floral pattern. The bottoms that Shaloom wore were pink pants.

They pose with sharp eyes facing the camera. Don’t forget, Wulan Guritno wrote: caption in the upload. “Duo,” wrote Wulan Guritno.

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Upload a photo with ‘hot’ clothes, Wulan Guritno is called younger than his son

Suddenly Wulan Guritno’s upload received various comments from netizens. Although both of them are equally stunningly beautiful in the photo, Wulan Guritno’s charm is the first thing that steals the attention of netizens.

Wulan Guritno as the mother of Shaloom was judged by netizens to look younger than her daughter.

In fact, Wulan Guritno is 41 years old, while Shaloom Razade is 23 years old.

“How come the mother is young,” commented netizens.

“How come Wulan’s young at a glance, huh,” said netizens.

In addition, Wulan Guritno and Shaloom Razade in the photo really don’t look like mother and child, but are close brothers and sisters. Because, their display style in the photo is balanced.

“This is the child’s mother, I think it’s a brother and sister,” added another.

Use a black blazer with a low cleavage, Wulan Guritno makes men scream

Artist news: Wulan Guritno shared a sexy portrait of herself wearing a black blazer with a low cleavage on Instagram.
Wulan Guritno. [Foto: Instagram]

Every uploaded portrait shared by Wulan Guritno on social media is always a public conversation.

How not, this mother of three children is consistent with her always beautiful and charming face. No doubt, every upload on his Instagram is always flooded with netizen comments.

The latest, regarding a photo of her who looks beautiful and sexy in an all black style.

The photo was uploaded by Wulan Guritno when he came to party events Indonesian Bazaar that commemorates the day anniversary-its 22nd. This is evident from caption written by Wulan Guritno in the photo.

“Happy 22nd anniversary @bazaarindonesia, wearing @fendi, styled by @astecat, fotografe @anggarcp,” wrote Wulan Guritno.

Even though he is 41 years old, Wulan Guritno looks sexy wearing a black blazer and black lace bra with low cleavage.

For his subordinates, he uses black culottes and unites the sides of the blazer by tying it with a belt.

On that occasion, Wulan Guritno chose to braid her long hair which of course made her look stunningly beautiful.

To complete her look, she wore large gold round earrings. Not to forget, the bag is draped over her shoulder which makes her style seem more feminine.

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Use a black blazer with a low cleavage, Wulan Guritno makes men scream

Wulan Guritno’s upload received various comments from netizens. Seeing Wulan Guritno’s sexy appearance made netizens scream.

Many of them said that Wulan Guritno was getting older, he was getting hotter and sexier.

Nickname Hot Mom Netizens often pinpoint Wulan Guritno because of his physical beauty even though he already has three children.

“The older you get, the hotter it gets,” commented netizens.

“You ne @wulanguritno why is it so beautiful,” said netizens.

“The clouds are beautiful,” added another.



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