Long widowed, Angel Karamoy intends to open his heart again

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After holding the status of a widow for a long time, it turns out that the beautiful model Angel Karamoy now intends to open his heart.

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Cekricek.id – Beautiful artist Angel Karamoy uploaded a new photo on his personal Instagram account on Saturday (21/5/2022).

On this occasion, the beautiful widow was seen wearing a cloud-patterned sleeveless t-shirt.

This shirt, which is a combination of blue and white, looks so contrasting on Angel Karamoy’s white skin.

Plus the lighting outside the room makes its appearance more charming for anyone who sees it.

At that time, Angel Karamoy was seen breaking his long hair that reached the mid-back limit.

Don’t forget the pink lipstick that looks bright and adorns her beautiful lips.

Apparently there are interesting things in the latest upload from Angel Karamoy.

Because on this occasion the model and presenter told me that he intended to open his heart to men.

It’s just that this turned out to be not easy for Angel Karamoy to do just like that.

Because to carry out this good intention, it turns out that Angel Karamoy faces various obstacles.

“Want to open my heart, but forgot my password,” he wrote.

Long widowed, Angel Karamoy intends to open his heart again

It didn’t take long for netizens to immediately fill the comments column for the latest upload.

For example, many netizens praised the appearance of Angel Karamoy who still looks beautiful at his current age.

And also netizens judged that Angel Karamoy’s appearance made him look more youthful.

“It’s really beautiful,” said netizens.

Even though the current owner’s full name Angelica Wilhelmina Karamoy has turned 35 years old.

“Beautiful sister is forever young.”

But there are also netizens who reply to these comments in the form of jokes and jokes.

That the password to be able to settle into Angel Karamoy’s heart came from himself.

“Maybe the password is like yesterday,” said the netizen.



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