Cibalung Happy Land Bogor: Make Family Vacations More Happy and Memorable

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Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

After that, you can continue all these cool activities by playing in the water at the waterpark, friends. There are many water game rides and it is clear that the heart is happy and excited.

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The tourists are not limited to family tourists, but also come from a group of school children and industry employees who want to explore Outbound Team Building.

Cibalung Happy Land Entrance Ticket

Photo by Donny Imran

Entering the tourist area, you will be charged a ticket of Rp. 20,000 per person. That’s for Monday to Friday. On the other hand, Saturday-Sunday and holiday, the ticket price is IDR 25,000 per person.
For parking vehicles, both motorbikes or cars, there is no charge or free, you know, slang.

In addition to entrance tickets, tourists must prepare more money to be able to enjoy the game rides. The cost varies, depending on the type of game. But it’s still affordable, starting from IDR 10,000 to the most expensive IDR 250,000.

Rides and Activities of Cibalung Happy Land

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor
Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Of course, tourists want to enjoy an impressive recreational experience. Entertaining and adrenaline pumping. Also Fun Games that train concentration, think quickly and precisely.

All activities in tourist destination areas are supported by various games that are managed in earnest. Such as waterparks, fun game arenas, rivers for rafting, outbound arenas and many others.

Curious what kind of fun? Here’s the review slang buddy.

Water park

This is one of the rides that are very popular with tourists. Usually, tourists use a waterpark as a closing activity, after exploring fun games, outbound and other activities.

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Photo by Kaythan Aiko zalfa

While refreshing the body, tourists can also play water games with the available rides. Such as gliding on water slides and spiral slides or around the waterpark by exploring beautiful and cool flowing water pools.

The spilled bucket game is no less exciting, slang friends. Cibalung Waterpark is also suitable for all ages. Because it has various depths. Even so, parents must supervise their children while playing in the pool.

If you are a fan of extreme sports, rafting or white water rafting is the right choice. Tourists want to be invited to feel the cool atmosphere along the Cisadane river which has a swift current and challenges slang friends.

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Rafting Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

There are 2 interesting packages, namely the Family Package and the Survival Package. Create a Family Package the distance traveled is 5 km. The rafting participants are at least 10 people and the minimum age is 5 years old friends. The fee for this package is IDR 230,000.

On the other hand, the Survival Package is 11 km away, with a minimum of 10 rafting participants and a minimum age of 15 years. And the cost is IDR 250,000.

Participants will be led by experienced instructors and find safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets.

Agro Kids Package

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Game Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

A learning package while playing that is very much selected by slang friends. The activities to be obtained are painting caping, chasing ducks, harvesting vegetables, planting rice, catching fish, plowing fields, milking milk, planting dragon plants and planting strawberries.

Participants will also get lunch and a guide who concentrates throughout the activity.

Agro Park Package
The Agro Park Package is the same as the Agro Kids Package, only added with playing rabbits and activities are closed at the waterpark, friends.

Fun Kids Package
Here, participants will play to hone agility, concentration, strategy play and team cohesiveness. There are also types of games, namely rubber transfer, take the flag, eel racing, balloon train, clogs, baseball, flat wake, bowling, dart balloon, ball net, balloon racket and balloon volleyball.

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Photo by Ahmad Fadhil

Mud Games Package

From the name alone, you can certainly guess what types of games can be enjoyed here, slang friends. Yes, playing mud. Definitely fun. And the games are mud sack racing, mud tug of war, mud volleyball, pillow fights, fishing and playing in the river.

Cibalung Happy Land Lodging

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor
Photo by Edi Supriatman

The calm and peaceful night atmosphere at Cibalung Happy Land is a shame if you miss it. Moreover, the Happy Land manager has provided a pleasant stay.

There are 2 types of lodging provided, namely Villa Lodging and Tent Lodging. Tourists can choose the type of accommodation according to their attention and budget.

Of course, the rental fee for villa accommodation is more expensive by staying in a slang buddy’s tent. But it fits perfectly with the comfort.

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Rent a tent for Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

It’s different if you are looking for a sensation and a cooler and memorable night experience, slang, so staying in the open is incomparable.

The Villa Inn has facilities that are ready to pamper tourists, friends, slang. These include a soft bed, a heated bathroom, a spacious living room, a terrace and a green grass garden.

The villa’s spacious garden is suitable for BBQ. There are several villa units with different capacities, friends, ranging from 3 people to 12 visitors.

Those of you who want to camp don’t need to bother anymore, slang friends. Tour managers have provided tents and equipment, both for families and for school activities.

Facilities of Cibalung Happy Land

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor Menu

In order to support the convenience of tourists, the tour manager has prepared adequate facilities. There is a large and secure parking area.

There are also rinse rooms, toilets and clean prayer rooms, friends. When hunger strikes, there is a restaurant that serves delicious Sundanese cuisine.

There are also charming gazebos made of wood. Tourists can use this place to relax while enjoying the shady and green nature and the typical mountain air.

Location of Cibalung Happy Land

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor
Cibalung Happy Land Bogor

In accordance with the name slang buddy, the location of Cibalung Happy Land is located in Cibalung Village, Kec. Cijeruk, Bogor. Tourists from Jakarta can use the Bocimi (Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi) toll road access.

After that, exit at the Caringin Toll Gate. After arriving at the Caringin Market T-junction, turn right. The route leading to Cibalung tourism is quite challenging, slang friends. Not only is the road small and up and down, you will find some pretty sharp turns.

Due to the narrow and extreme and challenging conditions of the track, large buses cannot pass this route. Only medium-sized buses can reach this tourist position, slang buddy.

Cibalung Happy Land Bogor
Location : Jl. Cihideung Kp, Cibalung, Kec. Cijeruk, Bogor Regency
Opening hours: 9AM–4PM Wib
Website :
Tel : (0251) 8211711

That’s a brief review of “Cibalung Happy Land Bogor: Make Family Vacations More Happy and Memorable” for curious slang friends, you can catch up immediately, the weekend is in front of your slang friends. . .


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