Video of Maria Vania Using a Breast Massager, Makes it Tight and Big

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Video of Maria Vania Using a Breast Massager, Makes it Tight and Big

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A video shows the beautiful presenter and beautiful model Maria Vania using a breast massager to make it firm and big.

In addition to trying the breast massager, the beautiful Youtuber Maria Vania also promotes the breast massager called Smart Breast.

According to Maria Vania, besides having a breast massager, there is also a buttocks tightener for women who want to tighten their breasts and buttocks.

In addition to promoting the Smart Breast breast massager, Maria Vania also gave an example of the movement to enlarge the breasts and buttocks.

Maria Vania promotes Smart Breast through a video uploaded to Maria Vania’s IG account.

In the video, Maria Vania explains, in addition to using tools, there is also a Smart Breast luxury oil to be applied to the breasts.

Furthermore, there are also Smart Breast luxury serum and Smart Breast Luxury cream.

In the video, Maria Vania wears a tight sports bra and short pink leggings.

Maria Vania also had time to try the Smart Breast tool.

In the video caption, Maria Vania wrote:

“TAG your friends, who knows the info is useful. For young women & mothers whose activities are dense and rarely exercise, Vania advises you to take care of your breasts & buttocks with products from Smart Breast,” said Maria Vania.

“It is guaranteed that the product is safe because it has been BPOM and certainly proven because Vania herself has tried it. Let’s take care of it from now on with Smart Breast, so that couples will stick together,” explained Maria Vania.

For women, click the video at HERE

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The video of Maria Vania trying smart breast massagers and breast tighteners has been watched 547 thousand times and got 50.7 thousand likes and 850 netizens commented on it.

Various netizen comments, including the following:

@kangassy: I’m sorry, starting on the 2nd, I want to unfoll first this month

@h.dimassss: Waawwwwww

@agign_: slememew

@ainurrofiq9380: The tool is really good, are you interested in buying it?

@ainul.furqon: jare mbak e hope it’s useful

@ririazhari: I can’t afford to buy it, it’s expensive Maria Vania

@denny_andreansyah89: You don’t have to use tools, you can do it, right?

@putra.patria97: jare mbak Maria Vania is tagging

@riansyah_abdi: I was told to tag a friend


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