Rachel Vennya Wears Bikini, Hot and Cold Netizens Until Istigfar

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Celebrity Rachel Vennya uploaded a new one in a post on her personal Instagram account, Thursday (19/5/2022).

On this occasion the widow of two children uploaded a photo while wearing a bikini.

Rachel Vennya’s appearance is considered too bold because it only covers the core of her upper and lower body.

The brown bikini was used by Rachel Vennya while enjoying her vacation at a hotel.

It’s summer feeling,” he wrote.

This mother of two children is also seen covering her face from the sun’s exposure which looks so dazzling.

In recent times, Rachel Vennya has often shown her body through a number of sexy clothes that she wears.

It didn’t take long for netizens to immediately comment on Rachel Vennya’s post this time.

Not only men but also many women who also commented on posts from Rachel Vennya.

For example, there are netizens who actually feel hot and cold and tempted when they see the appearance of the widow of 2 children.

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Rachel Vennya Wears Bikini, Hot and Cold Netizens Until Istigfar

Netizens also feel anxious because they feel that Rachel Vennya should not cover anything because what she wears doesn’t cover her body at all.

“What a bar bar.”

“It’s really painful, why aren’t everyone busy,” said the netizen.

And many netizens even said istighfar when they saw the photo uploaded by Okin’s ex-wife.

According to netizens, the change in Rachel Vennya’s way of dressing from wearing a hijab until now is considered too drastic.

“Astagfirullah Buna.”

“The change from wearing the hijab until now,” said a netizen.

Until there were also netizens who asked Rachel to keep the sexy photo only for herself.



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