Aunt Ernie Umbar Sensitive Parts in Bed: It’s Been 1 Month Hasn’t…

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Aunt Ernie greets fans by showing off sexy photos. No kidding, the woman whose real name is Ernie Judojono is sitting beautifully on the bed wearing tight clothes.

Aunt Ernie’s greeting with a sexy portrait made netizens flock to make naughty comments. So, how is Aunt Ernie’s sexy portrait on the bed? Scroll for the article below, come on!

Sitting on the Bed


Photo : Instagram/himynameisernie

Aunt Ernie earned the nickname as the Unifying Aunt of the Nation by netizens. Not without reason, Aunt Ernie regularly posts a number of photos and videos of herself wearing sexy clothes. No doubt, Aunt Ernie has fans and managed to collect more than 2.3 million followers on her personal Instagram @himynameisernie.

Recently, Aunt Ernie shared a photo of herself wearing short leggings for a colorful workout peach. He combines it with sports bra strictly the same color. Uniquely, Aunt Ernie was seen posing beautifully on the all-white bed.

Accompanying her upload, Aunt Ernie admitted that she had not greeted her fans for a long time by uploading a photo of herself. As if missing, he asked how his fans were doing.

“It’s been more than 1 month I haven’t said hello here.. how are you all?” wrote Aunt Ernie reported PeekCeleb via his personal Instagram @himynameisernie, uploaded on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

Flooded with Naughty Comments


Photo : Instagram/himynameisernie

Auntie Ernie’s greeting by showing off her sexy photo showing some of her breasts made netizens tremble. Many gave naughty and salacious comments after seeing the latest photo of Aunt Ernie. Not a few also asked about Aunt Ernie after a month missing.

“We miss u aunty idol,” netizen comments.
“Auntie where have I been missing?u,” said another.

“After ablution, I accidentally saw an apple, didn’t it?“said the netter commenting naughty.
“Otw mattress,” concluded next.

“Making me not feeling well, this photo,” said the netizen.
“Getting bigger, auntie,” said another.

Previously, Aunt Ernie was seen taking a break from Instagram for a few weeks. Finally, he uploaded a video using a cat-shaped transparent mask filter. Aunt Ernie also mentioned people who are curious about taking care of other people’s lives.

“Why are there so many people who want to take care of other people’s lives? Grrr, I want to claw it out,” said Aunt Ernie on January 31, 2022 ago. (nes)


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