Angel Karamoy is sexy in a low cleavage dress, Netizens: His gaze is not strong!

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Angel Karamoy (Photo : Instagram/@realangelkaramoy)

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APPEARANCE Angel Karamoy still seems to have its own allure, especially for men. How not, Angel Karamoy is even more beautiful and charming at the age of 35 years.

Angel Karamoy doesn’t look like a mother of two. In fact, the status as a single parent alias widow does not fade its charm.

Angel is not like a mother of two with her fashionable appearance. Moreover, Angel Karamoy has fantastic body goals which are said to be the dreams of women his age.

No wonder his photo uploads on Instagram often steal the attention of netizens. One of them is this photo uploaded by Angel Karamoy.

Angel Karamoy showed off her long legs in a pink sleeveless mini dress. Her hair is deliberately loose to give an effortless natural sexy impression.

Moreover, taking this angle photo from the side makes her slim body look so clear. Cut sleeves and low cleavage even make netizens fail to focus on seeing it.

Not to mention the pose of Angel’s sharp gaze, his charm is increasingly radiating. With pink lipstick on her lips, Angel Karamoy looks so tempting. Netizens immediately flooded the comments column.

“His gaze is not strong,” said doi****.

“Angel’s eyes stabbed my heart deep,” said jan*****.

“Looking sexy beauty women,” said joh *****.

“His face is serene … it’s amazing and calms the heart,” said kin*****.

“Hot mom,” said sib****.

“How come there is an angel as beautiful as this,” said Ari*****.

“Uuuh so beautiful,” said asc*****.


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