Hana Hanifah Openly Claims to be Good in Bed, Hmmm

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Beautiful actress Hana Hanifah made horrendous confessions about some of the things he liked.

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This was revealed in Dodit Mulyanto’s YouTube show which was uploaded on October 31, 2021.

On that occasion, the comedian asked Hana some strange questions.

“Good in the kitchen or good in bed,” asked Dodit.

Without a doubt, the woman with Arab and Sundanese blood admitted that she was good at bed matters.

“I’m good at bed like that,” replied Hana.

Dodit again asked a question that was no less extreme than before.

“Do you like it rough or smooth?” asked Dodit.

Unexpectedly, Hana actually prefers to be treated harshly. He even gave a detailed explanation of what he liked.

“Rude, I like beards like that,” said Hana, laughing.

Furthermore, Dodit again asked questions about heating.

“Use heating or direct?” said Dodit.

Hana also replied that she chose to warm up first.

“Warm up. Right, if you don’t warm up, your body hurts,” concluded Hana Hanifah.


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