D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok: Check Tourist Attractions, Locations and Fun Rides

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D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

Karogaul.com – Sightseeing can be an alternative to get rid of fatigue and the burden of the mind from all activities that are tiring for friends. So currently there are many holiday destinations that can be visited with family or school teams, such as D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok, friends.

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This tourist destination in the Depok area offers a variety of exciting activities so that tourists who arrive can not only travel but also get satisfaction and experiences that are not often found in the daily activities of slang.

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

Activities that can be tried include an introduction to the world of animal husbandry and agriculture. Besides that, there are many other exciting game rides that can be enjoyed here.

For those of you who are still unsure of where to go for sightseeing, you can make this destination a tourist destination with family or friends. Here are some interesting data that might be a reference before visiting there, my friend.

What is D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok?

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok
sidiq a

Maybe you don’t know what D’Kandang Amazing Farm is, yes this place is one of the tourist destinations in Depok that offers a variety of exciting activities in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture.

These various activities are intended for children so that they know better how to raise and farm well. The existence of this guidance vehicle can certainly increase experience and knowledge for the little one later.

Tourists, especially children, can not only gain knowledge but can also practice it directly, such as feeding livestock or planting vegetables, maybe harvesting vegetables and so on that little ones can practice here, friends.

Not only that, there are also various exciting game rides and facilities to support tourist comfort. Generally, this place is visited by groups of school children from various regions.

Wahana D’ Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

As a tourist attraction that carries the concept of education, of course, there are many exciting rides that are not often found in our daily lives. Here are some of the favorite rides that are very popular with tourists, especially children:

Feeding the Rabbit
Rabbits are cute animals that many slang friends enjoy, be it children or adults. Now in the cage, tourists can see these cute animals, let alone relate directly to holding and feeding them directly.

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

Feeding Ducks
Just like with rabbits and slang, in this area tourists can also see ducks and get in touch with feeding them directly. This kind of activity is definitely rarely tried especially those who live in densely populated cities.

Breastfeeding Cempe
Now another vehicle that is quite exciting is breastfeeding cempe or goats, slang friends. Cempe can be breastfed using a pacifier containing milk. These rides are also among the favorites of children in general.

Milking Cow
It could be that many of you have not had time to milk a cow. These activities can be tried directly at the d’ cage, Depok, friends, slang.

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

You don’t need to worry about the steps that must be tried because there are guides who will give you the right ways to milk.

Catching fish
When it comes to dealing with water, of course, children don’t want to be left behind. Well, there are rides to catch fish in the pond with lots of fun. They want to try to catch fish in a pond filled with water.

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok
Upil Pitil
Painting T-shirts
There are also rides that can hone their creative talents, slang, t-shirt painting is one of them. It must be quite interesting to be able to draw according to the main imagination on a t-shirt.

Not only that, there are still many other interesting rides that are a shame to miss, but to try these rides, you need an extra budget and the price of each ride is different.

Facilities D’ Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok
Diandra Sandra

To support the comfort of tourists arriving at Depok’s cage, the management provides facilities such as vehicle parking areas, toilets, prayer rooms, ATVs, outbound, camping and many others.

Besides that, there are many unique and of course instagramable picture spots that are ready to accompany every tourist who wants to take a selfie with your friends. Many tourists do not want to forget the moment when they were there by being photographed in every spot available for collection and uploaded directly to social media as memories.

Entrance Ticket Prices for D’ Kandang Amazing Farm

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok
D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

To explore this guided tourist area, tourists need to pay an entry fee first, so here is the latest entry ticket price in Depok as an illustration if you want to go there, friends.
::Ordinary Day : IDR 18 thousand
::Holidays : IDR 20 thousand
::Green Adventure Pass: IDR 150 thousand
::Outdoor Games Pass: Idr 120 thousand
::Channel Ticket D’ Kandang Fun Farming : Idr 120 thousand

D'Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

Almira Afdila

By paying this fee, you can enter the tourist zone and enjoy the various facilities, but there are rides that require additional payment if you want to try it. The above prices can also change at any time according to the provisions of the management of this tour.

Opening hours or operating hours are open every day starting at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB except Friday it’s closed, friends, slang.

D’ Kandang Amazing Farm Depok

Location : Jl. Withdrawal No. RT 01 / 02, Pasir Putih, Kec. Sawangan, Depok City, West Java 16519
Opening hours: 8AM–5PM Wib
Contact : (021) 77887138

Thus a brief review of “D’Kandang Amazing Farm Depok: Check Tourist Attractions, Locations and Fun Rides” when are you friends bringing your little one to play here?


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