Showing this off, Natasha Wilona and Aliando Syarief have started shooting the Argantara film

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The film Argantara, starring Natasha Wilona and Aliando Syarief, has started the shooting process.

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In the Argantara film, Natasha Wilona plays Syera Jehani and Aliando Syarief will play Argantara Reynand.

It is known that Natasha Wilona and Aliando Syarief have started the process of shooting the film Argantara.

Recently, Natasha Wilona shared a portrait of the Argantara film script.

The portrait of the Argantara script was shared by Natasha Wilona on her Instagram Story.

Natasha Wilona seems to just put her hand on the paper that says ‘ARGANTARA’.

Then Natasha Wilona also did not write any sentences in her post.

It is suspected that at that time Natasha Wilona and Aliando Syarief were in the script reading stage.

While looking at Aliando Syarief’s Instagram, he has not shared moments related to the Argantaraz . film shooting process

Previously, Natasha Wilona had shared her preparations for starring in the film Argantara.

The former Verrell Bramasta turned out to be straightening his eyebrows in preparation for the Argantara film.

“I just finished trimming my eyebrows to prepare for the Argantara film,” wrote Natasha Wilona.

Looks Natasha Wilona showing off her eyebrows that have just been trimmed.

Natasha Wilona’s eyebrows are lined up neatly in a beautiful arch.

The meeting of Aliando Syarief and Natasha Wilona in the film Argantara is also called a reunion between the two.

Because, Aliando Syarief and Natasha Wilona have been paired in soap operas.


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