Pasuruan Dates Garden: You Can Pick Directly in the Field and Take Fun Pictures with Instagramable Backgrounds

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Pasuruan Dates Garden – No need to fly far to Middle East tourism just to pick dates, my friends, just go to Pasuruan, really! Date plants are currently on the Pasuruan date picking tour emerging as a new tourist spot that is very interesting to visit.

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Here you can feel directly picking dates from the tree, friends, but later after the date plants in the Pasuruan date garden bear fruit.

But at this time you can still enjoy the direct natural scenery of hundreds of date plants from close friends.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Soedarsono Wijaya Wijaya

Where else can you see a date palm garden not just here? This date picking tour can be an educational outing with your baby, you know, slang.

This 3.7 hectare date garden has been planted with 150 date plants and some of them have been bearing fruit.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Stupid Boy

The manager will now continue to plant dates on land that is still empty until it is filled with 400 date plants from various types of slang.

Interesting isn’t it? If so far you have not had the chance to see the date palm plant directly, just come to the Pasuruan date palm tourism garden, friends, you don’t need to travel far to Arabia.

Location and Address for Picking Dates Pasuruan

Pasuruan Dates Garden
Pasuruan Dates Garden

For those of you who want to visit this tour, friends, you can immediately arrive at the location of the Pasuruan date palm garden which is located in Sukorejo Village, Kec. Sukorejo, Kab. Pasuruan, East Java.

Pasuruan Date Garden Facilities

Pasuruan Dates Garden
Photo by sugianto tatok

For those of you who want to visit the Pasuruan Date Garden Tour, the situation there is quite safe. Because, the air is pretty cool, slang. Plus, with the nuances of the surrounding shady green and refreshing thoughts.

Not only that, the facilities are usually also complete, starting from the parking area, the relaxation zone (rest zone), toilets, stalls that serve processed dates, as well as other processed dates.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Darma Cahya

In this tour there are also exciting game rides, ranging from ATV to horse riding. You can rent an ATV and ride a horse by wandering around the tourist area.

Not only that, for those of you who like to take selfies, you don’t need to be afraid, because there are various cool photo spots that are Instagramable, including such as love frame spots, airplanes, camels, walls like the Kaaba, crescent moon, butterfly wings, and many more. many others.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Maghfiro al muqorrobin

Currently, the location of the Pasuruan date palm garden is still under construction, the plan is for various facilities such as a miniature Kaaba in the middle of the garden and a path leading to shafa marwa.

However, it is not known when the construction of this facility will begin and when it will be completed. Currently, date picking tourism in Pasuruan is still in the soft launching session as a tourist destination for universal citizens.

Pasuruan Dates Garden
Pasuruan Date Garden Photo

One thing that is unique and interesting about this date picking tour in Pasuruan is the existence of a Boeing 737 aircraft design that you can use to view the expanse of the date palm garden from above the height of the soabt slang.

You can take your children and be photographed together in this airplane building, friends, you are guaranteed to be with the charm that is served.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Sindu Arja

Not only that here, there are also various booths selling food made from processed dates, huts for places to relax, as well as an arena for children’s games.

This place is very suitable for you to designate an outing with family and children on the weekends.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Picking Tours

Dates To enter the plantation area, which is surrounded by a solid concrete fence as high as 3 m, you only need to pay an entrance fee of Rp. 5000.

Quite cheap when compared to the satisfaction and experience that you will get when you enter this date palm garden.

Pasuruan Dates Garden

Photo by Nabil Firas

Pasuruan Dates Garden
Karanglo, Sukorejo, Kec. Sukorejo, Pasuruan, East Java
Opening hours: 8AM–4PM Wib
Phone: (0343) 6755666

That’s a brief review of “Pasuruan Date Gardens: You Can Pick Directly on the Place and Take Photos as You Like” when do you slang to visit this aesthetic date palm garden?


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