Appears for the first time, Aunt Ernie immediately shows off, it’s full of surprises

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Celebrity Ernie Judojono or Aunt Ernie is back surfing on Instagram social media after a long absence since the beginning of last Ramadan.

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Through her Instagram account @himynameisernie, the 42-year-old woman gracefully greets her 2.4 million followers.

“Haiiii how are you?” wrote Aunt Ernie on Instagram, Thursday (19/5/2022).

Aunt Ernie, who looked natural without any makeup on her face, admitted that she was in Australia. He admitted that he missed Indonesia.

Aunt Ernie (Instagram @himynameisernie)

“I miss the one in Indonesia. Now can you not wear a mask outside? Aren’t you happy?” he continued.

Not only greeting, Aunt Ernie also uploaded a selfie with her hair loose. Aunt Ernie was seen wearing a jacket as an outer incense with a black tank top.

The low tank top opening on the chest clearly shows his sensitive cleavage.

In her latest photo, Aunt Ernie looks fatter and fuller.

Aunt Ernie last uploaded the flyer “Marhaban Ya Ramadhan” on April 2.

His first appearance made the comments column boisterous. Netizens, who are predominantly male, have blindly invaded the comments column for women who are often dubbed the unifier of the nation.

More than 105,000 netizens gave thumbs up and thousands more pinned their comments.

“Mama I miss you,” said @penghuni***.

“More savory,” snapped @agus***.

“So happy now. It’s getting louder,” exclaimed @brigs****.


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