Video of Ariel Tatum’s Hot Scene with Nicholas Saputra Viral, Here’s the Response

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Ariel Tatum.

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Video footage of the hot scene was done with Nicholas Saputra.

As it turned out, the video footage was from their new movie trailer.

In the short video, pregnant Ariel Tatum talks with Nicholas, her husband in the film.

Both of them look romantic by throwing sweet sentences at each other.

Responding to footage of the scene, Ariel Tatum also reacted by uploading Instagram Stories on his personal account.

“Heard there’s a video that shouldn’t be shared? wrote Ariel Tatum, followed by a laughing emoji, Wednesday (18/5).

Despite joking so, Ariel doesn’t seem to mind the footage from the film.

In the next Instagram Stories upload, Ariel Tatum actually shared a video trailer for the new film that showed the scene in full.

Meanwhile, many netizens on Twitter are envious of Ariel Tatum.

Because, the 26-year-old woman can share the same bed with one of the Indonesian women’s dream men, Nicholas Saputra.


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