Hotman Paris is blunt, it turns out that this was the case with Maria Vania

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Maria Vania and Billy Syahputra

Presenter Billy Syahputra has recently been reported to be close to Maria Vania.

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Both were immediately rumored by netizens after often creating content together on YouTube.

The content created is also diverse, ranging from stretching videos, sports, challenges, to swimming videos together.

The two have been spending a lot of time together lately.

Not a few netizens support Billy and Vania’s relationship.

Recently, Billy Syahputra also opened his voice.

Maria Vania and Billy Syahputra (Instagram/bilsky16)

Billy insists that his relationship with Maria Vania is just friends.

“For now we are still friends. If you say it’s serious, I don’t know where the serious context is, I’m friends with anyone,” said Billy Syahputra in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, Monday (14/3/2022) as reported by

Furthermore, the younger brother of the late Olga Syahputra could not predict what his relationship with Maria Vania would be like in the future.

The reason, Billy said all possibilities could happen.

“Especially Maria and I don’t know who in the future we are with, I can’t deny that it’s a secret. It’s like a mate in God’s hands,” said Billy.

“Suddenly the content is leading to a serious direction, we don’t know, but I didn’t say no or yes,” Billy added again.

What is clear, he and Maria Vania mutually support each other. “The point is that I make content with Maria Vania to support each other, I don’t have any intentions,” said Billy again.

Investigate, it turns out that Maria Vania was the first to approach Billy.

Billy shared that Maria was the first person to invite him to create content together on YouTube.

“At that time, when it started to make content with Maria Vania, Maria Vania did have content, what was it called, yes, stretching, she said ‘Billy, let’s make content’, ‘let’s go’ I said come on because I’ve always wanted to make the same content. Maria Vania,” said Billy as quoted from YouTube Trans TV Official.

Unexpectedly the content of the collaboration with Maria Vania got a good response from the audience, so Billy became addicted to content with the presenter.

Billy Syahputra takes Maria Vania for a ride in his new car
Billy Syahputra takes Maria Vania in his new car (Youtube)

When asked about his feelings for Maria Vania after being passionate about meeting content, Billy said that he liked Maria’s figure.

“Who doesn’t like, boys, seeing Maria Vania?” said Billy.

“Yes, I also like Maria Vania,” he continued.

When exercising together, usually Vania and Billy will show many intimate moments.

In the content of exercising together on Maria Vania’s YouTube, Billy is seen lifting Maria Vania.

At the end of the video, the 30-year-old woman kisses Billy’s cheek.



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