Anya Geraldine’s pose in a pink bra makes Salfok, Netizens: My darling is getting more beautiful

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ANYA Geraldine regained public attention. The role of Lydia Danira in the series Kites Putus uploaded a sexy portrait only wrapped in a tight pink sports bra at the gym.

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Anya Geraldine deliberately shows off her stomach muscles in the portrait. The reason is, he feels insecure seeing his body in the series Kites Putus which looks fat and chubby.

Anya Geraldine

“Motivated by Lydia, when I watched a kite, I thought… why am I so chubby? The inspector himself. So now I’m more diligent and manage my food,” he wrote in a statement, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Sunday (16/1/2022).

Anya Geraldine combines a cute pink sports bra with sporty black tight shorts. He purposely tied his black jacket around his waist to make it look more fashionable. His abdominal muscles were immediately exposed to the camera. Her cleavage is also peeking in this portrait. Apparently, the tattoo image under his chest also popped up.

Anya Geraldine

Anya deliberately tied her long hair to make it more flexible when exercising. She combined her outfit with white sneakers with pink accents to make it more comfortable. While her face looks naturally beautiful even without flashy makeup. The pointy chin and thin cheeks also look so cute.

The bright light from the side made Lydia’s smooth skin glow even more. Beautiful neck and collarbone was so sexy. No wonder men fall in love. Especially if you pose smiling like this. Anya Geraldine has always managed to steal the show.

The post immediately reaped various reactions from netizens. Many admit that Anya’s body does look fatter in the Disconnected Kites series. Not a few also call it still beautiful, either fat or thin.

“Yes, I also think that Lidia is really fat,” wrote a netizen.

“My dear, it’s getting more and more fantastic, just epribadeh,” said another netizen.

“But the beautiful body is the dream of all girls,” said another netizen.

“Nice tattoo,” said another netizen.

“Semi Alek is really cute,” replied another netizen.

“Widih is really ideal,” wrote another netizen.

“His body shape is my dream, mas,” said another netizen.

“Bby is getting more and more cute,” said another netizen.


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