Bogor Fresh Rice Fields: Tourism and Culinary with Beautiful Green Rice Fields

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Bogor Fresh Rice

Read More – Tourist destinations in Sentul now have beautiful natural panoramas. The natural panorama of the fresh and beautiful rice fields makes the tourists feel at home for long here, friends, slang. Equipped with gazebo facilities in the rice field zone or area, tourists can sit and enjoy the nature of Fresh Sentul Rice Fields while chatting with the surrounding natural beauty.

At Sawah Segar, you can not only enjoy the view, but you can also enjoy savory meals from the restaurants here. To get here you can use a car to go to Bojong Koneng Village, friends.

Bogor Fresh Rice

Photo by Cornell Alexander

Here, visitors will be pampered with a very beautiful rural panorama with the fresh air of Bogor tourism. The place can also be accessed quite easily and it doesn’t take long for the people of the capital to go to this tour.

Sentul Fresh Rice Fields was established on a fairly large rice field land and has been owned by Cynthia’s mother and her family since 2009. He is also the owner and founder of the Fresh Rice Cafe in Bogor.

Sentul Fresh Rice Fields

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Chandra Kartika

The design of the location of this tourist spot is quite unique, traditional and simple, namely in the form of a joglo making it comfortable to look at and very cool with a more natural view. The path between the rice fields has been made of stone paths and is easy to walk through and take good pictures, so there is no need to be afraid if it gets muddy and difficult to access.

Sentul Fresh Rice Field Location

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Indra Cahya Ramadhan

Sentul’s fresh rice fields are located at Bojong Koneng, Babakan Madang, Bogor. for access to a position that is quite easy to reach, it’s just that the road is a bit uphill and turns, slang buddy. It is only approximately 8.6 km from the center of Sentul city and requires an adventure duration of approximately 25 minutes to get to Sentul Bidadari Waterfall.

Sentul Fresh Rice Field Opening Hours

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Suga Otradus

Opening Hours or Operating Hours, this Sentul culinary tour is open from 10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays, friends, and for weekends at 08.00 to 19.00 WIB. for prospective tourists who want to schedule and make sure when their sightseeing time can be arranged from now on.

Sentul Fresh Rice Field Public Facilities

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Panji Wiyana

Like other popular restaurants in Bogor, Sentul’s Fresh Rice Fields has provided various public facilities that are expected to provide comfort for tourists visiting here. Among other things, namely;

• Toilets for visitors
• Spots for photos
• Gazebo to relax
• Spacious Parking Zone
• Comfortable place of worship
• Various playgrounds
• Fast free wifi

Opening hours

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Umi Haris

This restaurant is open every Tuesday to Sunday (Monday off) regarding the opening hours as follows:

• Weekdays 10.00 to 18.00 WIB
• Holidays (Saturday to Sunday) 08:00 to 18:00 WIB

Sentul’s Fresh Rice Menu

Bogor Fresh Rice
Photo by Endsten

Main course:
• Fried/grilled/pecak carp is 85 thousand
• Gurame fried/grilled/big pecak 95 thousand

• Fried/grilled/pecak chicken 45 thousand
• Grilled ribs 65 thousand
• Soup ribs 60 thousand
• Salted fish 45 thousand
• Fried rice/noodles 45 thousand
• Add 5 thousand white rice
• Vegetable tamarind 20 thousand
• Capcay 48 thousand
• Cah kale 35 thousand
• Know 19 thousand
• Tempeh 19 thousand
• Chicken Soto 35 thousand

Drinks menu:

Bogor Fresh Rice

Photo by Ralph Rustam Suhadi

::Various kinds of juice 35 thousand
::Different kinds of coffee 20 thousand
:: Cucumber ice 20 thousand
::Orange ice 20 thousand
::Ovaltine ice 30 thousand
::sweet ice tea 20 thousand
::Orange ice 20 thousand
:: Lemongrass tea 20 thousand
::Mineral water 10 thousand

Additional Menu

Bogor Fresh Rice

Photo by Nadiyah R Aisyi

• Spring rolls 35 thousand
• Fried shrimp 45 thousand
• Dim sum 45 thousand
• Brain brain 35 thousand
• Fried cassava 35 thousand
• Fried banana 35 thousand
• Fried chicken wings 45 thousand

Thus a brief review of ”Bogor Fresh Rice Fields: Tourism and Culinary with Beautiful Green Rice Fields”, when are you visiting this beautiful and fresh place, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with its freshness. Happy holidays. . .


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