Wulan Guritno Reveals Experiences in Bed Scenes, Name Three

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Wulan Guritno reveals the experience of the bed scene in the film Jakarta vs Everybody. Photo: Instagram/wulanguritno

Actress Wulan Guritno admitted that many technical things were done during the bed scene in the film Jakarta vs Everybody.

The mother of three children felt helped by the help of choreography which made the scene look romantic.

“With this technique (finally) it can make the audience believe,” said Wulan, in a virtual press conference, quoted from JPNN.com, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

Adilla Dimitri’s ex-wife assesses the need for comfort in doing bed scenes.

This is in order to build closeness between the players.

“So, Nichol tried to make me comfortable. Bimo, me too,” explained Sabda Ahessa’s lover.

The celebrity who was born on April 14, 1981, added that there was also a habit he did with Jefri Nichol and Ganindra Bimo, after filming.

“We have a habit of eating ice cream in three. That’s how we maintain intimacy, so we feel comfortable,” he said.

As is known, Wulan Guritno and Jefri Nichol must compete acting in the film Jakarta vs Everybody.

There is a bed scene of Wulan and Jefri in the film that raises the dark side of Jakarta’s life.(jlo/jpnn)


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