Aurel Curious about Such Movement, Oh My God

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Aurel Hermansyah (Instagram/aurelie.hermansyah)

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Celebrity Nikita Mirzani gave advice to Aurel Hermansyah who soon married his girlfriend, Atta Halilinda.

“If it’s marriage, it’s important to be sure,” said Nikita MIrzani in a video on Aurelie Hermansyah’s YouTube channel, quoted by, Sunday (24/10).

The Grandma Gayung film player asked Aurel to mentally prepare so that her marriage would be lasting.

Anang Hermansyah’s daughter was immediately surprised to hear Nikita Mirzani’s advice regarding husband and wife relations.

“After getting married, it’s like going out, happy-happy, right, the marriage is legal,” said Nikita.

Nikita Mirzani Gives Tips about So to Aurel Hermansyah, how to satisfy a partner when it’s like that.

“Do movements that have never been done before,” said Nikita.

Out of curiosity, Aurel then asked the movements that the mother of three children meant.

“A lot, later when I’m married, I’ll tell you, Aurel is like this, that’s it,” answered Nikita while laughing.

“Anyway, Atta’s eyes are darting,” continued Nikita. Aurel immediately shouted Oh my god.

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