Showing off your stomach, Andrea Dian’s pose makes you gawk, Netizens: How come you squeezed it?

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Andrea Dian is a model, FTV star with almost perfect body goals. His active exercise gives maximum results for his body shape.

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Sixpack stomach, slim, and beautiful buttocks are often exhibited by the woman who was born in Jakarta, April 11, 1985.

As in her latest upload on Instagram, Andrea Dian shows off her sweaty body goals at the gym with her husband, Ganindra Bimo.

Andrea appeared in a sports bra. Meanwhile, Bimo only wore shorts and was shirtless.

“Elevating each other, stay together,” said Andrea Dian in English, quoted from his upload on Instagram, Sunday (3/4/2022).

They played boomerang while showing off their stomach muscles.

However, the netizens were made to focus wrongly with the pose that Andrea Dian displayed while playing the boomerang video.

He was seen touching her breasts while pressing and lifting them.

“I know his intention is to show his stomach, but how come he’s salfok,” said @restu***.

“Why push,” said @ginna ***.

“Sis, why are you holding the milk,” said @dewi***. (dra/dawn)


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