Aceh Dates Garden: The taste of the fruit makes you miss and there is an area to play motorbikes and horses

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Aceh Dates Garden

Read More – For a trip to the date palm garden, it is no longer mandatory to go to Saudi Arabia or to the middle east, slang friends, you can just go to Aceh. In the Barbate Valley, Kec. Krueng Raya, Kab. Aceh Besar at the height of a barren and rocky hill, a valley stretches green. about 2 thousand date palms are planted by slang.

In the middle of the date palm garden there is a cafe open to the public. Every tourist can enjoy young dates at this café. Near the cafe there is also a horse riding area, friends, but to ride a horse around the road between date palms, we have to pay Rp. 25 thousand.

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from Public Info

Near the horse truck there is also a vehicle for archery, friends, tourists only pay Rp. 10 thousand for 6 times of shooting. Not only that, there is also an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) motorbike, you just have to pay a rental of Rp. 15 thousand for 2 rounds to ride an ATV motorbike on the route between the date palms. So, about what it’s like to have a vacation to the Barbate Valley date palm garden, you can imagine the excitement for yourself.

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from visit banda aceh

To go to the date gardens of the Barbate Valley Aceh, it takes about an hour to drive from the center of Banda Aceh City to the east, friends, or only about half an hour from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar.

From Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, tourists can pass through intersection 4 on the left side of the airport. From the side of the airport, continue to the east, after climbing some hill climbs, we can see a wide expanse of green and beautiful date palm gardens, like the Barbate Valley.

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from halalifeid

Vacationing to the Barbate Valley date garden was once closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has become a world pandemic. The closure was carried out to avoid transmission of the corona from tourists who came from abroad. However, now the first date palm plantation in Aceh has been reopened.

At the garden gate, we can go inside along the left and right lane lined with date palms. Not far from the gate, a building stands towering on the hill, the villa-like building is often used by tourists as a place to take photos with family.

Although the atmosphere of the valley is a bit hot, but the gentle breeze makes anyone who visits feel at home for long there. What’s more, the cafe in the garden provides young dates to be eaten by anyone who is interested. Something that cannot be found anywhere else. To bring back one kg of young dates from this garden, you have to pay up to IDR 400 thousand.

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from date palm garden

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from aceh dates

Aceh Dates Garden

Pic from Aceh Tourism

This date palm garden was opened in 2015. This date palm plantation was initiated by Mahdi Muhammad, a retired banker at Bank Indonesia. Initially, only 20 hectares were opened with 2,000 date palms, but now it has become more than 300 hectares, after local residents have also explored Mahdi’s trail of planting dates. They formed the Barbate Valley Palm Farmers Cooperative.

Barbate Dates Garden
Location: Jl. Lintas Blangstar, Kruengraya, Meurandeh, Kec. Grand Mosque, Kab. Aceh Besar, Aceh
Opening hours: 8AM–6PM WIB
Contact: 0853 5730 4661

That’s a brief review of ”Aceh Dates Gardens: The Taste of the Fruit Makes You Nic and There’s an Area to Play Motorcycling and Horse Riding”, it’s time to make a tour on your next tourist list, friends, it’s guaranteed not to disappoint. Happy holidays. . .


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