Sassha Carissa Uncovers Tricks to Play ‘Twin Mountains’, It’s Amused!

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FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The female arousal zone is not only located in Miss V, but also in the ‘twin mountains’ or breasts.

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That is why there is a term nipple orgasm, which is an orgasm due to nipple stimulation.

Sexy model and presenter, Sassha Carissa gives the most effective tips on how to play the mountain of twins to quickly reach orgasm.

First, fondle with moist lips.

“For those of you who like to play in the area of ​​​​the breast, try it with moist lips. It feels like it really can’t be expressed in words,” said Sassha on the Popular Youtube channel, reported on Thursday (7/10/2021).

Second, continued Sassha, playing in the nipple area.

The female twin nipple is one of the sensitive zones or points of female sexual arousal.

Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings that make the nipples super sensitive to touch.

“Eits for those of you who like to play with nipples, don’t be in a hurry. First, you try to exhale your breath into the area so that he is amused, how about that, “he explained.

Third, tickle the nipples.

Playing with the nipples can provide a lot of extraordinary pleasure, not only for women, but also for women.

Sassha suggests, you can tickle him white but remember, don’t be like that, your partner will get bored quickly. But tickling nipples can make your partner turn on.

Fourth, a little pinch.

Remember, if you want to move from one breast to the next, don’t leave the other breast alone.

“Just because the other one is being smoked, but the other one is silenced. It’s a pity that the other one is unemployed,” joked Sassha coquettishly.

Fifth, enjoy the sigh.

So you guys don’t just stand still. But can occasionally sigh. Because girls also like to hear sighs, you know. So it’s not monotonous.

“So if both of them have turned on, just beat it,” he concluded.


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