The Peak of the Bobok Elephant: Pine Tree Hills with a Beautiful Atmosphere that Refreshes the Eyes

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Bobok Elephant Peak

Read More – The beauty of Tanah Karo tourism seems to be endless, and all of them provide extraordinary natural scenery. Likewise with Bobok Elephant Hill which is very famous among nature lovers, slang friends. In fact, this hill has the original name Sihopit Hill because there are 2 twin hills in front of it. And to attract tourists, it was finally exchanged for Bukit Gajah Powder as we encounter today.

Bobok Elephant Peak

Photo by mngthm

This beautiful hill allows you to see the beauty of Lake Toba from above. Not only that, this place is also very suitable for setting up a tent for camping. In fact, karo tourism is still new.

Because it was only opened in 2016. The altitude is approximately 1860 meters above sea level so the views that are brought will not disappoint you, slang.

Sleepy Elephant Book

Location: Pangambatan Tongging, Kec. Brand, Kab. Karo

Tickets: 10k – 25k

Opening hours: 24 Hours

Activities Offered by Bobok Elephant
Bobok Elephant Peak

Photo by mngthm

This hilly zone is overgrown by some green pine plants with a beautiful atmosphere and a relief to the eyes. Spending time at this Bobok Brand Elephant Hill, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery while hanging out.

But you can also carry out various interesting activities that make your vacation more complete and memorable. To get to the top of the hill, of course you have to do trekking first to get to the top of this hill.

How to Guide the Bobok Elephant Tour Location

Bobok Elephant Peak
Photo by Sry Wahyuni

Reaching this beautiful hill is not difficult, the access is quite sufficient and safe. The address of this hill is located in Pangambatan, Merk, Kab. Karo and it takes approximately 3 hours from Medan. You can use the Brand to Road route. Raya Brand – Sidikalang. After that proceed to Jalan. Aeng Hotang in order to get to the village of Pemmbbatan slang.

Ticket Prices and Facilities for Bobok Elephant Tour

This beautiful tour, the activities in it are still managed by local residents, so the facilities you can find are still limited. But you have been able to get some toilet cubicles with fairly limited water access. If you want to find lodging or hotels to stay, the distance is not too far from this hill.

Bobok Elephant Peak

Photo by Emmy Norita

Enjoying the beauty of the top of the Bobok Elephant Hill Brand, you need to spend a budget of around Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 25 thousand. Ticket prices are calculated according to the vehicle you use. As for the operational hours starting from Monday to Sunday and open 24 hours full of friends. So you can arrive anytime you want to this cool hill, slang.

Bobok Elephant Peak

Photo by mngthm

Looking at the beauty of nature from a height on this charming hill will make all your tiredness disappear without a trace of slang friends. The air is so cold and cold that you must prepare warm clothes.

Slowly but surely, this tourist destination is also experiencing growth, especially in terms of facilities that will make tourists continue to be safe and comfortable.

That’s a brief review of ”The Peak of the Bobok Elephant: Hills of Pine Trees with a Beautiful Atmosphere that Refreshes the Eyes” When are you visiting this exotic place?


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