Seven Sexy and Charming Widow Artists, Some Are Craving for Popsicles

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ACTRESS Wulan Guritno

The beauty and grace of the body of a series of artists who are widowed often make netizens envious.

These widowed artists are more sexy and charming post-divorce.

Some of them even have much younger male fans aka popcorn. Who are they?

Let’s take a look at the following summary:

1. Sophia Latjuba

Who does not know this half-century-old female artist.

Sophia Latjuba’s posture is still beautiful and sexy at the age of 51 years.

The Kuldesak movie star is still active as a magazine cover model.

Sophia Latjuba is known to have been married twice, including Indra Lesmana and Michael Villareal. However, both of his marriages ended in failure.

2. Aura of Love

Next, there is the singer Aura Kasih. The artist, who has only been widowed for a year, shines even more after his divorce from Eryck Amaral.

Now, Aura Kasih seems to be getting busier with its various businesses. The appearance of the widow of one child also looks more beautiful from day to day.

3. Wulan Guritno

Third, there is an actress who has recently become a public talk because of the film Jakarta Vs Everybody, Wulan Guritno.

Yes, there is no doubt about the beauty of this widow of three children.

Even though he is 41 years old, Wulan Guritno’s body still makes netizens envious.

Now, Wulan Guritno is still the ideal female artist for the brondong. Wulan Guritno’s lover is even 15 years younger than him.

4. Aurelie Moeremans

Many do not know, Aurelie Moeremans is a widow. The Story of Kale star was once married at the age of 19.

However, her marriage did not last long because her husband committed Domestic Violence (KDRT).

5. Giselle Anastasia

The widow of Gading Marten often shares sexy videos or portraits on Instagram.

Not infrequently, Gempi’s mother shows her body goals to the public by wearing swimsuits or the like.

6. Celine Evangelista

Celine Evangelista becomes the dream widow of the next man.

The widow of four children has been widowed twice.

Most recently, she divorced Stefan William on October 18, 2021.

Although, having been married twice, it seems that this does not reduce Celine’s charm.

7. Nikita Mirzani

Lastly, there is the controversial artist Nikita Mirzani.

Three times he was widowed, this did not reduce the man’s interest in approaching the film star Grandma Gatung.

Nikita Mirzani was even known to be close to men several times after her third divorce.

Recently, she is in love with a Caucasian man. (jpnn/dawn)


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