Sophia Latjuba Shows Sexy Photos in Bikini, Netizens Even Salfok

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Sophia Latjuba again shocked social media after uploading her charming portrait.

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Recently, the 51-year-old woman showed off moments on the beach through uploads Instagram.

Looks Sophia Latjuba posing wearing a bikini.

Her pose while relaxing perfected the moment.

Stars of ‘The Old Neighbors?’ The girl lifted one leg while lying down on the beach chair.

His hands were playing with his long, flowing hair.

Not to forget, Sophia smiled sweetly at the camera.

His sharp gaze makes the photo look so charming.

Suddenly a lot netizens who praised Sophia Latjuba’s beauty.

His comments column was flooded with expressions of admiration from many people.

“When age is just a number,” commented netizen.

“Duhh…. Duuuh… Duuuh… Mba Sophie… What a beauty,” said another netizen.

“Oh, no fat,” said another.

“It’s been formalized,” wrote a netizen.

However, there are also netizens who highlight the wrinkles on Sophia Latjuba’s hands.

“Age can’t lie,” commented netizens.

“Her hands are wrinkled,” added another netizen.


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